Meanwhile in Australia: 60 year old Aussie fights off croc with pocket knife

Nov 11, 2021
Aussie 60 year old fights off crocodile with pocket knife. Source: Getty Images

‘That’s not a knife, this is a knife’, well a pocket knife to be exact that a 60-year-old Australian man used to escape the clutches of a crocodile as it dragged him into a river on November 3.

Wildlife investigators from the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) said in a statement that “a 60-year-old man was attacked by a crocodile on the banks of a remote section of the McIvor River, 20km north of Hope Vale, on Cape York Peninsula.”

Queensland’s answer to Crocodile Dundee had been fishing on his property when he approached a bull standing on the banks of the river and attempted to shoo it away so he could continue fishing. Seconds later the crocodile lunged at him, the animal then grabbed him by both feet and attempted to drag him into the water.

“He described grabbing a branch of a mangrove tree and holding on as long as he could while the animal attempted to pull him into the water by his boots. But the animal was too strong, and he had to let go,” the statement said.

“The man said that as he entered the water, he managed to retrieve his knife from his belt and stabbed the crocodile in its head until it let him go.

“He then scrambled up the bank and drove to Cooktown Hospital for treatment. He was later flown to the Cairns Hospital, where he is recovering.”

DES reports that the animal will “not target the crocodile for removal from the wild” due to the property’s remote location and the absence of public access to the area.

The Department offers some useful advice on how to avoid attacks and sto stay safe when in crocodile territory, via their Be Crocwise page.

  • Stay at least 5m from the water’s edge
  • Dispose of your food and fish scraps in a bin
  • Do not feed crocodiles
  • Be extra cautious at night, dusk and dawn when crocodiles are most active
  • Stay well away from crocodile traps.

Members of the public who have spotted a croc are encouraged to contact DES on 1300 130 372 or by using the QWildlife app.

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