‘Listen to me for a change’: Fed up pensioner confronts Scott Morrison at NSW pub

Apr 07, 2022
Morrison found himself on the receiving end of a harsh tirade from frustrated locals. Source: Getty Images.

What was meant to be a quiet evening at the local pub quickly turned into a night of heated criticism for Prime Minister Scott Morrison, following a fiery exchange with a local pensioner.

After jumping behind the bar and pouring a few beers for some local punters at the Edgeweotrh Tavern in New South Wales on Wednesday, April 6, Morrison found himself on the receiving end of a harsh tirade from frustrated locals, with one local senior giving the Prime Minister a particularly hard time.

“Listen to me for a change. You can have a million dollar house, $250,000 in the bank and franking credits but a disability pensioner can’t have an income,” the angry pensioner told Morrison.

“I’ve been fighting for 12 years, mate, you treat a disability pensioner that worked all his life.. he paid his taxes, now he’s getting taxed ahead.

“This is what you said when you got elected last time, ‘we’re going to help all those people that worked all their lives, paid their taxes and those that have a go, we’ll look after you’.

“Well, I’ve had a go, mate, I’ve worked all my life and paid my taxes.”

“You better f*****g do something. I’m sick of your bull****.”

Morrison remained calm during the difficult confrontation before the man was escorted from the venue after using foul language.

The Prime Minister wasn’t the only one to experience a difficult exchange on Wednesday, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese also had a difficult run-in with a member of the public during a press conference alongside West Australian Premier Mark McGowan.

As Albanese’s pre-election press conference began a local quickly interrupted to ask a “tough question”.

“I’d like to say thank you very much for being here. I’m not a media person, I’m just a local resident. Thank you for coming to my neck of the woods. I’ve got a tough question,” the local man said.

Albanese was quick to try and cut the man off adding “we can’t.”

“I’ve got a tough question, are you up for it?” the local man quickly replied.

“I’m absolutely up for it and sorry we can’t really do that, the protocol, the media alliance would be a bit upset,” Albanese said.

The resident said he believed “the media wouldn’t mind at all.”

“No, no, we’re just taking questions from journalists because that’s what you do at a press conference,” the Opposition Leader said.

The difficult reception that the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader have recently experienced comes as the latest Newspoll conducted by The Australian revealed that the Australian Labor Party’s (ALP) popularity has dropped three points following Anthony Albanese’s budget response in parliament on Thursday, March 31. The ALP is now sitting at 38 per cent with the Coalition climbing in favour by one point to 36 per cent.


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