Classic Australian confectionary brand Life Savers returns with new twist

Mar 05, 2022
The popular confectionary brand has teased customers of its new range on social media for weeks. Source: @LifeSaversAustralia/Instagram

Australian confectionery brand Life Savers is back with a bang after the release of their new range of delicious lollies and chocolates, providing fans with a nostalgic throwback to the good old days.

The new collection features seven different varieties of sweet treats, including Sherbert Fizz STIX, Gummy Rings Duo, Fruit Tingles Chocolate Jellies, Jelly Beans, Apple Sherbet STIX and more.

Life Savers new Gummy Rings Duo and Jelly Beans are available in a number of tantalising flavours, including raspberry, orange, watermelon, pineapple and blackcurrant.

The company has been advertising their new range for weeks, teasing the new flavours on their Instagram as they got fans excited for their official release.

Their new chocolate combo range is set to be a winner amongst customers as Darell Lea Milk Chocolate meets the sweet flavours of Life Savers fruit tingles.

The company is already hugely popular for its delicious fruit pastilles, icy poles, and a number of other well-known sweets.

Senior Marketing Manager at Life Savers, Aimee Cutajar, described the new range as a welcomed childhood throwback for generations of Australians.

“We know Life Savers serve a very special place in the hearts of generations of Aussies, and we hope that as we kick off a new century, children and adults alike now get to enjoy a twist on the original as much as we enjoyed creating it,” she said.

Life Savers was invented in 1912 by USA candy manufacturer Clarence Crane, as a “summer candy” that provided a more sustainable option to chocolate during the hot American summers.

In 1921, Life Savers established their first factory in Sydney, Australia and not long after a number of new flavours were created. According to the Daily Mail, the hugely popular confectionary brand sells more than 11 million packs of product each year.

Life Savers announced a contest on social media to promote their new range, urging fans to enter for a chance at winning the entire range of new flavours.

Are you excited for the throwback sweets?

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