‘Wonderful’ Hugh Jackman’s sweet moment with fan battling breast cancer on stage

Hugh Jackman shared a tender moment with a fan onstage on Wednesday. Source: Twitter - Today

Hugh Jackman has showed off his compassionate side once again after he shared a tender moment with a fan onstage after spotting the woman, who is fighting breast cancer, in the crowd during the Perth leg of his concert ‘The Man. The Music. The Show.’ on Wednesday. During the concert, the Aussie legend jumped off stage to talk to a fan named Kylie Beard, who was holding a sign that read: “Please hug me, Hugh. My boobs are trying to kill me.”

In a video, which has since been shared online, Hugh can be seen embracing the woman, who told the star and audience: “I have my last treatment of chemo on the 29th. They found out I had the BRCA [breast cancer] gene.” She then joked: “So they’re taking my boobs off and I’ll get some new ones from the fat I’m sucking in right now.”

Visibly moved by the woman’s words, Hugh then praised Kylie for her ongoing bravery, as the crowd erupted into a stream of applause, adding: “We love you and thank you so much for being here and celebrating with us.”

Social media users have since praised the famous actor for his sweet gesture, while others wished the best for Kylie and her ongoing treatment. “What a wonderful wonderful man Hugh is …. A hug from him would cure you for ever,” one commentator wrote. “All the very best to you also Kylie, I hope everything turns out just fine for you.”

Another added: “Wishing you all the very best in your journey to over come this hideous disease.Hugh Jackman a marvellous bloke.” While a third wrote: “Hugh Jackman, you are an absolute wonderful human being.”

The Today show later tracked down Kylie, who is due to undergo her final chemotherapy treatment next week, to ask her about the surreal moment. “Oh, I still can’t believe it actually happened and I keep thinking about it and going yeah it did happen,” she told hosts Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight on Wednesday morning. “He was so nice.”

While speaking on the morning show, Kylie also encouraged women to get checked, adding: “As women over 40 we’re entitled to a free breast examination every two years. So when you’re having things done at the doctors, speak to the doctor, do your checks at home, know your own body, know what’s going on in your own body so that you’re aware of these changes… I was so lucky to find it early and they’ve been able to give me a really good prognosis. So check your boobs ladies!”

Meanwhile, the amazing moment comes after the 50-year-old recently took the opportunity during one of his live Australian shows to pay tribute to fellow performer Olivia Newton-John with the help of thousands of her adoring and supportive fans. While on stage at his concert earlier this month, Hugh filmed a special moment with the crowd in honour of the Grease star following her heart-wrenching interview on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes, where she discussed her health and battle against cancer as she fights the illness for the third time in her life.

In the video, which was later shared online by the actor, Hugh said: “Hi Olivia, it’s Hugh and 15,000 of your friends and fans. I don’t know if all of you saw 60 Minutes last night but I watched that and Deb and I were crying.” Then, directing his message to Olivia, he added: “Just listen. You are the most amazing person, the most amazing mum, the most amazing ambassador, singer, ever. We just love you.”

Hugh then turned back to the crowd before they all shouted “we love you Olivia” and the actor planted a kiss on the camera. The footage shared on Twitter has gardened a lot of attention from fans who shared their love and support of both Hugh and Olivia.

“You and Olivia are two Australian legends, I love you both so much!” one person commented. “Olivia, thank you for your songs, movies and for always helping people, you’re such an inspiration! Bless you.”

While another added: “And we love you, mate. Thank you for being such an amazing person. A real inspiration, just like Olivia.” And a third said: “You are an absolute sweetheart. I’m sure Olivia appreciates the well wishes.”

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Did you find the gesture sweet? Are you a fan of Hugh Jackman? Do you know anyone battling breast cancer?

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