Casting Call: Star as one of the faces of Starts at 60

May 18, 2020
Our Starts at 60 personalities have been with us all the way. Now we're bringing them to life.

Are you over 60, fun-loving and fit the personality and/or looks of one of the Starts at 60 characters? We want to cast you in our TV commercial!  We’ve had a heap of fun over the years with our cartoon characters, many of whom you recognise throughout everyday life in the people you know (or so you tell us!).

Now, we’re looking to find the ‘real life’ versions of them … and feature you in our first Starts at 60 TV commercial.

There’s four sassy characters we’re looking to cast (you can see their pictures above and character descriptions below – if you fit the bill in either looks or personality, we want to hear from you). You won’t have to talk on camera – simply spend the day with us being dressed up, made up and having a whole lot of fun. Then you’ll see yourself on TV!

Or if you recognise one of your friends or family members in the pictures above or descriptions below, given them a nudge to apply here.

1) Ian

  • The life of the party, the bloke who’s invited everywhere
  • Colourful character who doesn’t mind a lurid pair of shorts or a Hawaiian shirt
  • Avid traveller who’s got a passport full of stamps and the stories to match
  • Vibe: A beer-and-bbq kinda guy who loves summer, footy, the cricket and golf.

2)  Sue

  • Casual, neat and well-groomed – Sue knows what suits her, what’s comfortable and works it
  • Smiling, friendly and warm
  • Is the centre of her family, the person everyone goes to for advice and a friendly ear
  • Vibe: Polite but with a cheeky glint in her eye – she may not say it, but she’s thinking it!

3) Christine

  • Loves an accessory or several – big earrings, coloured beads, an eye-catching belt and fab shoes 
  • She likes to stand out and has a firm opinion on everything
  • She’s a real personality … friendly, conversational, chatty even, while laying down her law
  • Vibe: Witty, approachable and sarcastic – unlike Sue, Christine says what you’re thinking.  

4) Bob

  • Loving family man and great neighbour
  • Gardener, hobbyist, home-renovator – and he loves to cook (his waistline is a bit of a giveaway!)
  • Likes to travel, especially with his grandkids – who he adores entertaining – or extended family
  • Vibe: More reserved than Ian, approachable and warm, he’ll walk over hot coals for his friends. 

If any of the above people are you (in looks OR personality), or you can convince one of your friends who fits the bill to drop us a line, please complete the simple form and send us your photo. We welcome all shapes, sizes, diverse experiences/lifestyles and cultural backgrounds – just be yourself!

Participants will be paid for their involvement in the commercial.

I want to apply

We’ll be filming in Queensland but don’t let that discourage you if you’re based outside Queensland – just pop in an application and we might just call you up for future commercials

Thanks everyone for getting behind it!

Bec Wilson Xx


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