5 of the best shows to stream this summer

Dec 12, 2021
We've found the best shows and films to pass your rainy Summer days. Source: Getty

With La Niña well and truly arriving in Australia, it’s looking like a wet summer will be thrust upon us, and Australians will be confined to their homes once again. Even board games, puzzles and books have their limits. If you need something to excite you and yours while you’re cooped up inside, we’ve compiled 5 of the best new must-see programmes available to stream right now.

Red Notice

Watch it on: Netflix

Why you’ll love it: Red Notice is the must-see film of this season. Telling the tale of an FBI profiler, who is pursuing the world’s most wanted art thief, and somehow becomes his partner-in-crime, this film is a dynamic, funny, fast-paced flick. Find out why over 50% of all Netflix subscribers have already seen this film!


Watch it on: Binge or Foxtel Now

Why you’ll love it: This addictive series has been described as “the gold standard for writing” and according to another glowing review: “If you are on a lookout for a show with plot twists, drama laced with comedic moments and razor-sharp dialogues, look no further than Succession.

“The characters have a tinge of King Lear meets Trump/Murdoch family politics..but that’s just a ruse to lure the viewer in. There’s a lot to like here..from the sepia-toned montages of the opening credits, the haunting lilt of the title score to an extraordinary ensemble, putting its best foot forward. Also, the brisk pace of the screenplay and the sumptuous NY landscape imagery that always keeps you invested.

“One of the best-written pieces in recent TV history.”

Need I say more? No. But I will. Season 3 has just finished up, or rather, finishes up today, but you can catch the entire series on Binge or Foxtel Now, right now.

Christmas On The Farm

Watch it on: Stan

Why you’ll love it: When a New Yorker with an appetite for life’s finer things fakes her identity to get her book published, chaos descends on her now-deceased mother’s farm, as she rushes back to meet her publisher for their “surprise” visit. A truly mad film with all the classic rom-com elements. Add in a dash of Aussie hunk (played by Hugh Sheridan) and stir in some cheeky humour, and you have Christmas On The Farm. 


Watch it on: Stan

Why you’ll love it: Premiering its first episode on Wednesday, December 8, this program hasn’t been out long, but it has been a very hot topic ever since its release. Based on real events, the big stars of this true-crime drama mini-series include Olivia Coleman, who plays Queen Elizabeth in the middle seasons of The Crown, and David Thewlis who plays the unrelenting Nazi father in The Boy In Striped Pyjamas. Rave reviews are already rolling in, with The Guardian hailing Coleman’s acting “a career-best performance (in a career full of them)”.

Landscapers is a series not to be missed. We are sure of it.

The Unforgivable

Watch it on: Netflix

Why you’ll love it: American sweetheart Sandra Bullock’ first performance after a short sabbatical is based on the heart wrenching 2009 British miniseries Unforgiven written by Sally Wainwright. In The Unforgivable, a woman (Bullock’s character), is trying, again and again, to rebuild her life, after she is released from prison for violent crimes. Although a tough role for Bullock – and sometimes hard to watch – this turbulent tale is about reconnecting through struggle. You can watch the trailer below, or alternatively catch the film in select cinemas.

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Have you got any must-watch shows for us to stay in with this summer?

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