Forget using a sponge! Make your shower glass sparkle with this surprising item

Jul 06, 2020
If you want to transform your shower screen, you have to try this cheap and easy hack! Source: Getty.

There is nothing worse than cleaning a dirty shower screen, especially when the watermarks and build-up of soap scum get left for a while so they’re stuck fast to the glass. But one savvy Melbourne mum thinks she may have found a solution — and it involves no harsh scrubbing!

Gozde from Melbourne posted in the popular ‘Mums Who Clean’ Facebook group and shared her success in using a $3 Jif Cream Cleaner and a plastic bag to get her shower glass sparkling clean. It might sound strange, but it works!

“So I was told about this hack to clean shower screens and decided to try myself,” she wrote. “OMG!!”

To get started wet the screen first then apply Jif cream — Gozde says the powder alternative works just as well — to the screen and wipe over with a plastic bag. “Sprinkle some Jif onto your screens, get a plastic bag (yes, you heard that right), wear it like a glove and wash your screens,” she explained.

“OMG. IT WORKS. It keeps it clean for soooo [sic] long! And it is so easy. No scrubbing needed and nothing else to clean it with. TRY IT AND THANK ME LATER.”

The group’s other followers praised the mum for her simple hack, with one person commenting: “I’m definitely trying this!” Another commenter said they’ve been using Jif for years, writing: “I have never used anything other than Jif to clean my shower. Love it.”

While a third said Ajax cream works just as well with a scourer pad, commenting: “The Ajax cream is so good. I have used it for years with a cheap kitchen green scourer pad.”

Meanwhile, another follower suggested using lemon as an alternative option. She wrote” “I used lemon on mine last night! Super awesome result and no chemicals!”

Starts at 60 recently shared another shower screen hack, only this time it involved a window scraper to actually scrape the shower scum off the glass screen. Rather than actually cleaning the screen with a whole lot of elbow grease — the small razor can be carefully pushed along to easily remove any unwanted scum. The super-simple tool is available at hardware giant Bunnings with prices starting at just $1.99, however you can also get variations of the blade-tool online for around about the same price.

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Have you tried using this method before? Will you give it a go?

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