Get thrifty: Five simple ways to save money on clothes

Nov 17, 2019
Here are five easy ways to save big on clothes. Source: Getty

If you’ve ever looked through the contents of your wardrobe and thought ‘I have nothing to wear’, you’re not alone. But, instead of just running out and buying something new, why not get thrifty? Fortunately, there are several ways you can trim your clothing bill without skimping on style. From shopping at thrift stores to repurposing old clothes and keeping an eye out for sales, here are five easy ways to save big on looking good.

Buy second-hand clothing

If you’re determined to get a bargain, shopping at second-hand stores can translate to big savings – just be prepared to do some digging! Besides great buys, most second-hand stores are non-profits that use their funds to help those in need.

Alternatively, browsing through Facebook selling groups or Facebook Marketplace are also great ways to pick up bargains. Find out how to navigate Facebook Marketplace here.

Meanwhile, it might also be worth visiting your local fashion or lifestyle market – you never know what you might find!

Repurpose or repair old clothes

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, why not jazz up an old pair of jeans or make a scarf out of an old sweater or blouse.

And instead of throwing away your old clothes, repair them! Mending a garment is much cheaper than buying a new one, especially when it comes to expensive items like jackets or dress pants. Whether it’s a faulty zipper, fallen hem or a missing button, there’s nothing that can’t be repaired.

Try a clothing swap

Clothing swaps can be a great way to save money. Set up a trading day with your friends or family members and exchange old or unused items. And if you don’t have someone to swap your clothes with, there are a number of clothing swap groups across the country. Find a group near you.

Buy clothes on sale

Nothing quite beats a clothing sale! It’s no secret that people love saving money and one of the easiest ways to save big on clothing is to keep an eye out for sales. Most major department stores (like David Jones or Myer) have giant annual sales where they offer their best discounts of the year. We’d also recommend watching out for in-between season clearance sales.

If you don’t mind shopping online, a large majority of brands also offer discounts for first-time buyers. Meanwhile, most major brands offer loyalty programs, allowing you to save money on some pieces of clothing. For example, you can often earn a discounted price after you spend a certain amount.

Wash your clothes less often

It might sound gross but if you want your clothes to last, wash them less. Most people throw their clothes in the wash after one day’s wear, but this isn’t always necessary. Jeans, for instance, can be worn several times before they need washing. The same goes for jumpers, sweaters and even some dresses and skirts – air dry these garments in the sun instead. If it fails the sniff test, however, it needs to go in the laundry.

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Do you have any other thrifty saving tricks?

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