Top tips for keeping your home free from snakes this summer

There are several things you can do to snake-proof your home. Source: Getty.

With snake breeding season well and truly underway across Australia, snake catchers have warned people there could be a rise in the number of reptiles spotted as they slither their way into homes and gardens.

Laundry rooms, cracked walls and crammed garden sheds are among the most common hangouts for snakes seeking shelter, however there are several things you can do to ‘snake-proof’ your property and deter them from selecting your home as their resting spot.

1.  Block or cover any holes  

One of the easiest ways to prevent snakes from entering your home is to ensure that you have covered up or filled in any holes that they could squeeze themselves through, whether it be a hole in your wall, ceiling, fence or screen doors. Snakes are extremely skilled at squeezing themselves through very small gaps so it is vital to make sure there are no holes tempting them to come inside. The same goes for any pipes that lead into and out of your house.

2. Use ammonia

Apparently, snakes can’t stand the smell or fumes of ammonia. Try soaking a rag or cloth in ammonia and put it in an unsealed plastic bag. Just put the plastic bag in the area where you have either seen a snake before, or are worried may attract them. Hopefully it should keep them away! Just be careful to make sure your pets don’t get too close to the bag.

3. Get rid of any mice or rats

Snakes are often attracted by the presence of mice and rats, which provide one of their most common sources of food. That’s why it’s important to keep mice and rats away from your home and garden. If you do have a rodent problem, try the usual methods of getting rid of them – from setting traps to safely baiting them. When you’re confident the rodents are gone, clean up the areas they’ve frequented to get rid of any traces of the rodents. If you can get rid of their food source, you’ll keep the snakes away!

4.  Sprinkle some sulphur powder

Some people swear by using sulphur powder to keep snakes away from their home, however experts often question its effectiveness. Try sprinkling some sulphur powder around your house, particularly the areas your most likely to find snakes. However, be sure to keep the powder out of the reach of children and pets as it can be toxic if consumed.

5. Clean up your yard

Snakes are masters of concealing themselves and love to hide under items that you may have left lying around in your yard or garden. From bricks and rocks to weeds and leaves, there are so many places that present the perfect opportunity for snakes to take cover. It’s a good idea to clear away any objects as well as tidying up your lawn by mowing and raking, and ensuring your plant beds are trimmed, tidy and free of weeds. The less places there are to hide, the less likely you are to discover that a snake has taken up residence.

6. Take care around large bodies of water

Snakes are attracted to water as, not only do they hunt around water sources, they can also be found taking a dip. If you have a garden pond, pool or even a bird bath, you might want to try cleaning up the surrounding areas of any items such as buckets so you’re more likely to spot a snake if it has decided to cool off in the pool before you jump in yourself. Removing any unnecessary bodies of water, such as puddles or children’s paddling pools when not in use, is also recommended.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping snakes out of your home and garden? Hav you ever found a snake inside your house?

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