5 surprising things you can clean with vodka

Sep 19, 2020
Vodka can be used to clean just about anything! Source: Getty.

While you might associate vodka with drinking, the martini staple has many other uses around the home. Thanks to its high alcohol content and lack of smell, vodka is the perfect cleaning tool. From removing soap scum to shifting hard-to-clean sticker residue and banishing body odour from clothing for good, vodka can be used to clean just about anything! Read on to learn the brilliant cleaning uses for vodka all around the house.

Dirty mirrors

There’s nothing more annoying than a dirty mirror, and if you’re out of glass cleaner, don’t fret! Just head to your kitchen, grab your cheapest bottle of vodka. Then combine in an empty spray bottle one cup of vodka, one cup of water and a quarter teaspoon of baking powder. Voila! Vodka has dissolving qualities that clean mirrors without streaking. This solution can also be used on windows.

Sticker residue

Whether it’s from some sticker on an appliance or a price tag on an item, when it comes to removing the leftover residue, vodka is surprisingly your best bet. All you have to do is dab straight vodka onto the sticker with a cotton ball or clean rag. Let the vodka sit for a few seconds, before gently removing the label with your fingernails. The sticker should slide right off! This also works on leftover residue from a sticker you already peeled.

Soap scum

It’s fair to say, when it comes to cleaning the shower, one of the most challenging parts is trying to get rid of soap scum. Luckily, vodka can help! Simply spray (if you have an empty spray bottle lying around at home) or carefully pour the vodka on the soap scum. Let it sit for about 20 minutes, then rinse and dry. You may need to repeat this method several times depending on how stuck on the soap scum is.

Body odour from clothing

With Aussie summer right around the corner, this trick may come in handy as we all know how hot Australia can get at that time of year. To remove body odour from clothing, simply fill a spray bottle with four parts water and one part vodka and spray away! Let it sit overnight then wash as normal.

Kitchen grease

As hard as you may try, without fail you’ll always be left with an assortment of oil splatters on your kitchen bench, cabinets and backsplashes after cooking an oily dish. It’s simply inevitable. But there’s an easy way to remove kitchen grease, and yes, it does include vodka. All you have to do is spray straight vodka on the greasy areas and wipe away. The best part is, no elbow grease required!

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