Woman urges others to cheat: ‘Men cheat all the time, why can’t we?’

Mar 22, 2021
One woman reckons having an affair is the way to go. Source: Getty.

Cheating is often looked down upon, however, one woman from the United Kingdom who cheated on her partner reckons every woman should give it a red hot go at least once in their lives, claiming it makes you feel sexier and look younger.

Writing in The Sun, Rachel Foster spoke of the benefits of sneaking behind your partner’s back.

“If you think having an affair is an absolute no-go for you, think again — you are massively missing out,” she began.

“Nothing beats the buzz of sneaking around behind a partner’s back or the rush of adrenaline from the fear of being caught in the act. Every woman should try it at least once in their lives.”

Foster went on to say that a quarter of women who cheat feel more attractive and 22 per cent feel younger, before detailing her own infidelities. Foster said she was in a “steady but mundane” relationship with her partner when her head was turned by a married man at work.

“It was not as though I was looking to cheat, but after a year with James* the initial spark had fizzled out,” she revealed. “I cannot put my finger on exactly when or why it happened but the fun nights out became boring nights in and I felt invisible.”

So when her much younger married work colleague Andrew* began flirting with her on a work night out, she felt flattered.

“After a few drinks we ended up back at his place having incredible, passionate sex which lasted longer than James’s 10 minutes. I had never experienced a rush like it and as we laid together afterwards planning our next secret rendezvous, I felt alive for the first time in years.”

Foster said the affair lasted “three incredible months” before Andrew broke things off and patched things up with his wife. Around the same time, Foster’s own relationship with her partner James also came to an end. However, Foster said she wasn’t that bothered as Andrew had shown her that she deserved better.

“So, women, never say never to infidelity because if you are being taken for granted and your fella will not listen, then it is fair game. Men cheat all the time, so why can’t we?”

Foster’s story didn’t sit too well with readers, however, as Facebook users criticised her for glamourising cheating.

“Mo this is bad advice,” one commenter wrote. “I was cheated on and it was so devastating. Why would I want to hurt someone like that?”

Another said it was simply wrong, writing: “Nobody should cheat. It is wrong and shows you are no better than a wild animal because you can’t practice self restraint.”

While a third said talking it out with your partner is a much better idea than going behind their back. “I would recommend you talk to your partner and work it out together,” they wrote.

However, one Facebook user applauded Foster, calling her actions “stunning and brave”.

* Not real names

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