Daily Joke: Choosing a code word

A little boy is at a birthday party with his mother and ten minutes into the party the little boy has to pee. Naturally, he calls for his mother. Once he spotted her across the room he yelled, “Mommy, I have to pee!”

The mother, embarrassed, takes the boy to the bathroom and locks the door. She turns to the boy and says, “You can’t be yelling across rooms that you need to pee. It’s very rude. How about we have our own codeword? Instead of screaming ‘I have to pee’ you say ‘I have to whisper’ and then nobody will know!”

The boy agrees, finishes his business, and rejoins his friends for the rest of the party. The next night, the boy is staying over at his grandfather’s place. He wakes up in the middle of the night and he has to pee. He goes into his grandpa’s room and wakes him up.

Gently the boy says, “Grandpa, I have to whisper.”

The confused grandfather answers, “Not right now, you can whisper in the morning”.

The boy starts to squirm, “But grandpa, I really need to whisper”.

Not wanting to get out of bed, his grandfather says, “I said not right now, I’ll whisper all you want in the morning”.

The boy started to dance, “But grandpa I reeeaally need to whisper”.

“Well alright then,”  the grandfather said, “whisper very quietly, into your grandpa’s ear”.

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