If you’ve got Australia’s best dog, here’s your chance to really show off

Your dog doesn’t have to be a primped-and-preened Instagram pet-celeb to win the Ivory Coat Dog Search – just a happy, healthy best mate. Source: Ivory Coat

You know that your dog is the cutest dog in the world. The trouble is, everyone else who owns a dog thinks exactly the same thing – theirs is the cutest.

There’s only one way to prove you’re right, which is to turn your dog into a professional cutie. No one’s going to argue when it’s your best mate that’s featured bounding about in a high-profile TV commercial and plastered all over social media!

So, here’s your chance. Australian pet food brand Ivory Coat needs 20 dogs to star in its next TV ad and is searching the country for the happiest, healthiest hounds with the best personalities to be the faces of Ivory Coat.

The Ivory Coat Dog Search is open to all dog breeds (and cross-breeds), with dogs of all ages, sizes and shapes welcome. They’re looking for a dog that already loves Ivory Coat, though, because they want the TV ad to show the great results a diet of only-Australian meat and nutritious fruits, vegies and whole grains can deliver (Ivory Coat contains no cheap fillers such as wheat, corn or soy and no nasty additives, and is available as a grain-free version if that suits your pet better).

Other than having a happy, healthy look and loving Ivory Coat, your dog needs to be up-to-date on its vaccinations and heartworm, tick and flea preventions, have a friendly temperament that means it’s happy to spend time with humans and other dogs and be able to attend a photoshoot in Sydney through July 17-19 (Covid-19 means shoots in other states and territories have been ruled out this year).

If your dog is able to obey basic commands, including ‘sit’ and ‘stay’, that’d be great too.

All Ivory Coat needs is a recent photo of your pup that really captures their personality. Keep it natural – a snap you’ve taken is fine, there’s no need for a doggie glamour shot – but make sure you show off your fur baby’s glossy coat! Entries close on July 8, with the winners announced shortly after, so don’t delay.

In return, the winners of the Ivory Coat Dog Search will have the opportunity to star in a new TV commercial for the high-end pet food company, receive a portrait taken by a professional photographer, be the focus of a pet profile on the Ivory Coat website and its social media pages AND take home a year’s supply of the Ivory Coat food of their choice.

As Ivory Coat says: “We know diet plays an important role in our own lives, so why should it be any different to our pets? When it comes to choosing a quality pet food, we want one that will support our precious family member’s health and bring out their best”.

Entry is free so you’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain, including bragging rights at the dog park and the ability to stare down anyone who makes the mistake of claiming that they have the cutest dog in the world …

Click here to find out more about the Ivory Coat Dog Search.

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What do you love most about your dog?

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