‘Eww’: New Aldi ‘steak’ sparks debate and divides shoppers

Jul 21, 2021
A new Aldi product has sparked outrage in some, while others would be excited to see it on Aussie shelves. Source: Getty and Facebook/ Aldi Mums

Aldi is known for its cult following with millions of people swearing by the chain for their groceries, but a new product has hit the shelves and it seems fans are completely divided.

A woman took to the Aldi Mums Facebook page to share a picture of the ‘Ostrich Fillet Steak’, which is currently being sold in the UK, alongside the caption, “How cool would this be for Australia to get”.

While the user, named Wendy, may think it would be cool to see it on Aussie shelves, hundreds of others commented on the post and it seems the nation was split, with many outraged and disgusted by the prospect.

“Eww,” one woman wrote, adding “… why would this be even remotely cool to see on the shelves?”

While another was outraged, writing, “What’s next… koalas?”

“I’ll leave my share for someone else. Happy to go without,” another said.

“What next? Rat fillet steak and everyone will say yummy,” one commented next to a vomiting emoji.

Some said Australia should consider farming emu meat as a way of culling the overpopulated species, writing “Would be Awesome if this were Emu. imagine if every cattle/sheep farmer switched to managing groups of kangaroos and emus instead of cattle. The land would be much healthier.”

While a lot of people were disgusted by the type of animal, others slammed their comments as “hypocritical” if they ate other types of meat.

“[It would] be awfully hypocritical for any meat-eaters to be outraged by this. I mean why does one animal deserve to live over another. If we are killing cows and pigs why not dogs and cats?” one user said.

While another wrote, “They were not made to be consumed. Just stick to chicken. Not every single animal walking on earth has to be eaten. Better yet just eat potatoes, fries and tomato sauce, fruits. Just eat the plants they don’t bleed and won’t give you all these diseases/viruses we have today. LEAVE THE OSTRICHES ALONE!!!”

Others weren’t so disgusted by the prospect, with several saying they’d even tried the meat before.

“I’m from Africa (South Africa) and Ostrich is popular (but expensive). It’s actually a lot more healthy than other red meat. Low-fat content, iron-rich,” one woman said.

“I love it and miss it very high protein and lean – you eat chicken guys it [is] just a big chicken,” another reassured readers.

Would you try ostrich meat?

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