End the struggle of getting your quilts into quilt covers with this expert hack

Jun 26, 2024
This clever hack promises to transform this difficult household chore into a seamless and dare we say it, enjoyable task. Source: Getty Images.

Is there anything more frustrating than wrestling with a king-size quilt, attempting to tuck it neatly into its cover without it cascading onto the floor?

Fear not, as home organisation expert Anita Birges has come to the rescue with a genius hack that promises to transform this nightmare chore into a seamless and dare we say it, enjoyable task.

Birges, the mastermind behind @mise_en_place_aus on Instagram, recently shared the magic trick that has the internet buzzing.

“Getting a king size quilt into a king size quilt cover seems almost impossible to do without it having to touch the floor, especially if you are doing it alone,” she began.

“Watch how I do this little doona/ duvet hack, practice a few times and you will be a pro at it as well.

“It’s also a great party trick to show your friends.”

So, what’s the secret key to this quilt-cover mastery? Birges breaks it down in five simple steps:

Step 1. Lay the quilt cover on top of your bed, inside out. With the opening at the foot of the bed

Step 2. Lay the quilt on top of the inside out cover. Make sure they line up perfectly.

Step 3. Starting from the closed end of the quilt cover, roll the quilt and cover up together until you reach the other end.

“You will now have a long sausage type roll,” she explained.

Step 4. Watch this part closely.

“Grab either end of the “sausage” and, holding the quilt and the side of the cover closest to it, flip the other side of the cover outward and around the ‘sausage’,” she said.

“Do up the buttons.”

Step 5. Unroll the “sausage” and like magic your quilt will be perfectly positioned inside the cover.

Birges’ followers were quick to express their amazement and gratitude for the clever hack.

“This is genius!!!!” exclaimed one user.

Another chimed in with, “Amazing hack!”

And a fan, who might have had a not-so-pleasant experience in the past, commented, “Thanks for this hack. Last time I tried something like this, I failed..lol. Will have to give it another go.”

“Wow! Just like magic,” exclaimed another.

So, there you have it – a simple yet brilliant solution to one of the many challenges that come with keeping the home neat and tidy. Say goodbye to quilt cover nightmares and hello to hassle-free bed-making!

Thanks to Birges, making your bed just got a whole lot easier and a great deal more interesting.

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