100-year-old couple still laughing and loving together

A lot of marriages seem to have a problem making it past the first few years.  Imagine a couple that has been married for almost eighty years!

Morrie and Betty Markoff are 103 and 100-years-old respectfully and got married in 1938 and have had a long and happy relationship.  Talking to The Guardian Morrie said, “We’ve been together for nearly eight decades, and we still haven’t killed each other!” Betty was quick to add, “Though we’ve tried a few times”.

They claim that there is no secret to a long marriage and old offered the advice, “Just don’t let every complaint turn to anger. Tolerance and respect. And you’ve got to like them. Morrie would never use the word love; I do, but the actions are the same on either part.”

Morrie doesn’t use the word love because he thinks that it’s “possessive” as well as “controlling and demanding” but he shows his “care” for his wife every day.

The only complaint Morrie has is that people keep making a big deal about him being over 100 saying, “Ease up on the 100 business,” adding “I’m trying to pass as 90.”

A secret to a long life is keeping busy.  Morrie said, “I’ve lived a long life and a full one,” Morrie reflects. “I’ve never known a minute of boredom. I’ve always been busy, with work, or making things, or photography or travel, or most recently writing [he’s finished a memoir]. And there’s always another book to read. I sometimes say: I have so much to do, I don’t have time to die.”

We could all be so lucky.

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