Deborah Hutton is thrilled to turn 60 this year

Sep 13, 2021
Deborah Hutton looks as stunning as ever, as she reflects upon her career, cancer journey and turning 60. Source: Stellar

Television presenter turned style icon, Deborah Hutton has reflected on her career and life, as she revealed that she is thrilled to be turning 60 in December this year.

Deborah spoke with Stellar late last week about ageing, her cancer journey and her newfound passion for slowing down ever since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, Deborah found that the process of the lockdowns had actually changed her life dramatically. As everything came to a standstill, she felt that there was finally time to search for some inner peace.

“Covid gave me more time after years of being insanely busy, and with that came a deep feeling of calm. I’m 60 in December and, it’s hilarious, but I feel better than I’ve ever felt,” Deborah told Stellar.

But even as Deborah faces challenges with her health, like a torn gluteal tendon and the development of osteoarthritis in her knee, she still remains as the positive and encouraging spokesmodel she is; focussing on being the healthiest she can be as she turns 60.

“I’m actually thrilled about turning 60,” she says.

“Fifty was something I had to really wrangle with in my head, but 60 is just a bloody gift. The body started to break down a bit this year, but I’m happy because it’s a real privilege to get to this age and be able to be very, very comfortable in yourself.”

Health is an important part of Deborah’s life after battling skin cancer in 2016, which is why she remains vigilant and proactive about her health. She’s recently been focussing on cooking, meditating and she even added a stationary bike to her exercise routine.

But this isn’t the first time she’s spoken out about her battle with skin cancer. Her prioritisation for health and love for the ageing process comes just three months after sharing her scar-free post-cancer surgery pic on social media in May; as fans sent an abundance of love and support her way.

“If you haven’t had your skin checked with a professional in the last 12 months, it’s time to get an [appointment]. If I’d jumped on it sooner than I did I might have avoided such an invasive surgery. Just goes to show,” she said on social media.

And not only does she feel great, but she looks phenomenal, too. Stellar took to social media this week to share some stunning photographs of Deborah in both a grey pant suit and sleek black dress.


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