“You’re too old, I don’t want to be seen with you…”

Can you believe that this beautiful face of the American Apparel underwear campaign has been told by her own partner as

Can you believe that this beautiful face of the American Apparel underwear campaign has been told by her own partner as she neared 60 “You’re too old, I don’t want to be seen with you in public”?

Jacky O’Shaughnessy is a 62-year-old actress and model who has learned over the years to be comfortable in her own skin. But only just, and this interview with her will open up your heart. She’s seen psychologists and counsellors to validate how she feels about herself and how it reflected in her life and her career.

This video will impress and inspire you that life can change gears in an instant, and that what happens in your past can change, and you can step forward into new times.

When are you going to be ok with a body that is a little bigger than you had liked or not the way you thought they should be?  All that time wasted caring about things that don’t matter… She tells of fifty years carrying the emotional worries about little things.  Do you feel the same way?

When do you feel most vulnerable… ?

When do you feel the most beautiful…?

If you could change a few things right now… would you?

This video should start a real open conversation about how you really feel about getting older.  About your body, about your own expectations, and about you…

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  1. Oh that would be bye-bye- divorce number 4. I suppose the guy was a great specimen of manhood hahaha – me thinks not!

  2. Oh yes I know that one to be true, however I think these men look in the mirror and see what they once looked like because they really think they look better than they actually do. Very sad really!

    • Gail Riley  

      Just her bad luck to be stuck with a Narcissistic man who has no depth of feeling or sensitivity. I hope his nastiness can be washed away for her by all the supportive statements appearing here.

  3. On yr bike mate – wonder what he looks like bet he ain’t no George Clooney- who do some of these men seriously think they r.

  4. Surely he did not wait until she was 60 before that statement hit the fan and surely, if he could say that to her, there must have been other issues that may have just rung a little bell!

    • Apparently they were together for 6 years but they had never gone out in public. That is strange in itself and would have set off little bells in my head! But she obviously loved the guy.

    • You are most likely right Vicki. I hope she is able to move on from this in a really positive way. The statement he made must have really lowered her self-esteem.

    • I just think it is sad that she relied on other people’s opinion of her to validate herself. Oh Kolbe I think I am far more self centred than any male I have ever met

  5. He needs a visit from a beautiful fairy, who could wave her magical wand and turn him into a 92 yr old gentleman. (If younger gal is what he wished for).!!!!!!👌

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