Your favourite childhood board game has had a complete makeover

Many of us remember sitting around the Monopoly board as child, fighting with our siblings over who got to be

Many of us remember sitting around the Monopoly board as child, fighting with our siblings over who got to be the banker, and trying to make sure Dad wasn’t cheating. It was a fun time, and one we shared time and time again with our own families, and perhaps even our grandchildren.

Now, that could all change: the most drastic change to our favourite board game ever has been revealed.

Remember the banker and even the bank notes? Well, we’re sad to say, but in the latest incarnation of the popular game, they no longer exist.

Hasbro has eliminated both the game’s signature paper money and the banker position. In the new game, called the “Monopoly Ultimate Banking Game” the paper cash is replaced with special bank cards players scan on a handheld “banking unit” to make purchases and pay off debt, reports Mashable.

So instead of those colourful notes, each player (now only four can play) gets a scannable ATM card that’s used to buy property and charge or pay other players’ rent. Property cards come with codes that players scan in order to complete the transaction.

The new edition also includes updated “Chance” cards that have new “life events” such as market crashes and rent fluctuations that can “change anyone’s luck in an instant,” according to Hasbro.

The game is set to be released later this year.

Take a look at the clip of the revamped game below and share your thoughts:

  1. Moving with the times. I think it’s great. Makes the old versions more valuable to keep for posterity sake.

  2. Kind of sad. Couldn’t they have simply made a new game with all these changes instead of changing an old favourite?

  3. Oh dear – why in our modern world does everything “updated” or “re-invented” have to be so far from the original? I dont mind that it will be digitised etc but it is no longer Monopoly – call it something else, more in keeping with modern trends, I still have my old original Monopoly and its not even an Australianised version!

  4. The greatest board game was “Big Deal” I believed bought by Monopoly and taken out of circulation. That’s what I call monopoly!!!

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