Your astrological forecast for the month of August

"This can also be a time when YOU personally uncover new meaning and discoveries in your own life."


Total. Solar. Eclipse! Everyone’s talking about this spectacular happening in August. For the first time since 1918, a sensational total solar eclipse – when the moon passes over the sun – will track across America on 21 August. This will bring total darkness – lasting almost three minutes, in the middle of the day – to states from Oregon to South Carolina. Although eclipses (usually partial) occur in different parts of the world every year, it’s the first time in almost a 100 years that a powerful total solar eclipse will be seen in the United States. What does this mean? What can we expect? How will this affect You?

Since time began, civilisations have sought to understand the significance of the sun momentarily disappearing from the heavens (an omen or portent?). The word “eclipse” actually comes from the Greek word for “darken”, and historically, many major events have been attributed to this celestial happening – some ominous and some auspicious. Many believe it coincides with major life, weather and earth events – serving to shake up complacency and bring about change. Since the Sun is being obscured by the Moon, it’s often attributed to hidden things, coverups or  concealed matters finally coming to light. Basically, that which has been undisclosed will now be revealed. But this can also be a time when you personally uncover new meaning and discoveries in your own life – letting you shine through any shadows that may have been obscuring your true light!

With the strong Leo energy for August, expect a full-on time of heightened emotions, ego-driven expression, and a strong need for attention. Those in positions of power (ruled by Leo) will no doubt be even more in the spotlight. Keep an eye to the headlines, earth events as well as your own life direction now. Where are you being urged into action? This is a great occasion to ask yourself if you fully embrace your personal power, while considering ways to cultivate the amazing soul strength that you possess!

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What are the key dates this month and what can you expect? Here’s my motivational astrology forecast for August, 2017:

On the 1st of the month, Venus moves into Cancer. This is a time to soothe your spirit! The ability to acknowledge and appreciate our sensitivity, feelings and intuition helps us to connect with a more self-nurturing part of ourselves. For the next three weeks, make a special effort to honour your majestic spirit by taking extra care of your mind, body and soul. This assists in helping to strengthen the positive, beautiful and magical heart-light within you!

On the 8th of August we experience a full moon in Aquarius and a partial lunar eclipse! This lunar energy brings to light original and unusual ways of expression and thinking, helping us to take a stand – to speak up and stick up for ourselves and for those needing a voice! Share your vision now for the “greater good”, helping to bring about change and make a difference in the world!

Mercury, which rules our communications, retrogrades starting on the 13th. As this Planet starts its “reversing” motion in Virgo, we too may find things stalled, delayed or going backwards in our dealings. This is a time to be very mindful of information and details given to us – double checking data and reviewing facts is key. As with all Mercury retrograde cycles (lasting until 5 September), avoid starting new projects or making major purchases – but it’s a great time to review, research and get organised to implement your plans when Mercury goes direct!

The big event happens on 22 August (21 August in U.S.A.) when we have a total solar eclipse and a new moon in Leo! Generally, this is a dramatic time – when energies and emotions can be turbo-charged – not only with world events but within your life as well. It’s a powerful period to consider changes you want to make and what you would like to manifest going forward! It often brings news of big life events, creating new opportunities which assist you in moving ahead! Use this dynamic occasion to honour your inner light, bringing forth your true gifts to shine brightly into the future!

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Lastly, on 26 August Venus moves into Leo! With the “Goddess of Love” planet, shining brightly in the dramatic sign of Leo, we’re given the opportunity to acknowledge our talents and abilities. As everyone is blessed with something, this is a time to honour your gifts. This is a time when we can all better recognise our divine beings! For the weeks ahead: treat yourself, applaud yourself and admire who you are!

Awesome August to all those at Starts at 60!

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