You won’t believe what this young guy did to this senior man’s house

An old man was sitting on his verandah when a bunch of young people walked past and made fun of his

An old man was sitting on his verandah when a bunch of young people walked past and made fun of his house… but what happened next will restore your faith in the younger generation.

A 35-year-old track inspector happened to be working across the street just as two teens said the old man’s house was ugly and should be burnt down.

Josh Cyganik heard the comments and so did 75-year-old Leonard Bullock, the owner of the house.

Cyganik often saw the man on his verandah but had not spoken to him before. He noticed that Bullock had his head down and was hurt by the teenagers’ comments so he talked to a local hardware company to see if they would donate paint for the man. He then he went back and asked if he could paint Bullock’s house.

“I was brought up to treat people with respect, respect your elders,” Cyganik told BuzzFeed News. “He didn’t deserve that. I had to do something”.

“[Bullock] was speechless,” Cyganik said.

He planned to have friends and coworkers help him paint the house, and his Facebook post calling for volunteers was shared more than 6,000 times.

It’s no surprise then that over 100 volunteers, most strangers, showed up to assist.

“There’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer,” Cyganik said.

Mr Bullock was thrilled with the results. “Every time I see him, I wave to him still. He just smiles from ear to ear.

He gave advice to anyone who wanted to help someone out: “Don’t be afraid to go out there and help them. Don’t be afraid to take the first step”.

Tell us, has a young person ever done something impossibly kind for you?

To my friends! So I was at work a couple weeks ago and I heard 2 teenage boys walked by this old man’s house. He sits on…

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  1. That’s not the house that was painted?
    Where did this photo come from?

  2. Wow what an awesome thing to do. I am sitting here now wondering even tho I stop and talk to and help elderly people would I do this for an elderly person. I would hope the answer would be Yes I would. You are an amazing person Josh.
    Shame there are not more people in this world like you.

  3. Congrat’s to all involved in making the owner and his home so much better. I was always told to respect elders so you have done the best you can do. Thank you

  4. Great story and lovely thing to do but the brown house above isn”t the same house that was painted.

  5. Great gesture, it would be interesting to know if the rude teenagers who made the comment about the house helped with the painting

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