You can now have an environmentally friendly funeral

Gone are the days of a simple burial… Now there are a number of options when it comes to making

Gone are the days of a simple burial… Now there are a number of options when it comes to making your final journey out of this world.

Aquamation is the latest to hit the market with the creators saying it is the most environmentally friendly way to bury a loved one.

Sometimes called “water-cremation”, Aquamation is similar to cremation, but uses water instead of fire to return a body to nature.

The idea has left some people scratching their heads, but others say would consider it for themselves.

The company who created Aquamation says the process is the same as the natural way in which a human returns to nature if buried without a coffin in topsoil, or placed in a flowing stream of water.

The process has been hailed by environmentalists and governments keen to reduce pollution from cremation, and to take pressure off the problem of finding suitable land for new cemeteries.

Another benefit is that pacemakers do not need to be removed and titanium hip implants can be re-used as they remain intact and sterile. Jewellery can also be recovered.

In the same way that bones are returned as ashes after a cremation, the bones will still be returned to the family as ashes after Aquamation.

While the idea may sound strange, a poll conducted by SMH showed 68% of those surveyed would consider Aquamation, with many people wanting to reduce their carbon footprint on the earth.

Would you consider Aquamation? Have you thought about how you would want to be buried?

  1. Rob Ozanne  

    About time someone banned these expensive insect proof caskets. Recycled card board or cotton wraps are the way to go. Burial at sea is illegal in coastal waters.

  2. I have made arrangements – it’s all legal – to have my body donated to the university, No funeral, only possibly a memorial service sometime after I go. Much easier and my husband doesn’t have to pay for an expensive burial out of his pension.

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