Woolworths shows they’re sorry for their dodgy rewards card

The Everyday Rewards card was well-loved in Australian supermarkets – it gave you money off your purchases at the checkout

The Everyday Rewards card was well-loved in Australian supermarkets – it gave you money off your purchases at the checkout almost every time you shopped, it had a Qantas Frequent Flyer point system, and you could use it at Big W.

Now, all of those benefits have been scrapped in place of Woolworths Dollars, a scheme that has failed to please shoppers who have yet to see any rewards despite spending hundreds each week.

So as a way of saying sorry, Woolies have slashed prices on anything and everything in their store, from baguettes to specialty bread to cookies and chickens.

Woolworths’ head of buying, Steve Donohue, told News Corp pasta and soft drinks were about to be reduced as well, and the savings were here to stay.

“This latest round of reductions means both staples and a few treats will be available at great low prices not just this month but into the future as well,” he said.

UBS analyst Ben Gilbert told AAP loyalty programs are less important than lower everyday shelf prices when it comes to building customer loyalty – Aldi demonstrates this.

“People have been inundated by loyalty programs with the targeted promotions and activations,” Mr Gilbert said.

“If consumers can trust that they can go into your store everyday and get the best price, that is ultimately what will drive them back again and again”.

Fairfax journalist Sue Mitchell claimed that an analysis of one shopper’s behaviour over four months revealed a Rewards point earn rate of 0.3%, which was far less than the 1.25% rate announced by Woolworths.

But it was the Qantas Frequent Flyer change that had customers furious. Luckily, there is good news in that department: the points will be back soon. 

Under the three-year deal, customers will soon be able to convert 10 Woolworths Dollars, earned on orange-ticketed items, into 870 Qantas points.

A Woolworths spokesman told News.com.au “Woolworths Rewards customers will be able to convert Woolworths Dollars to Qantas Frequent Flyer Points in the coming months as we’ve already announced. We’ll certainly let our customers know when that starts.”

The retailer admitted that issues surrounding its ticketing for rewards needed to be addressed with consumers claiming they are struggling to match the value they were receiving under the previous scheme, reports Mumbrella.

Tell us, do you still shop at Woolworths? Why or why not?

  1. John Rolfe  

    I am totally over my Woolworths Card and about to scrap it I don’t care about reward dollars bring back the old system and maybe I’ll stay I don’t use my card at all now Woolies just make it simple like it used to be.

    • Mary Merrington  

      But then I’m not a frequent flyer so what’s the use!
      Even so, the points are not worth it! I’ve scrapped it once b4 and will do it again today.

  2. Jacquie  

    No I don’t. Used to every week but our local Woolworths is a mess. Dodgy fruit and veg, shelves empty and the queues at the check out are insane. Not enough staff and the ones that are there don’t seem to care. I have been in checkout queues five customers long and phoned the store to ask them to open another check out and that was at 11:00 o’clock on a Friday morning when you would think they would all be open!! Ridiculous! And don’t get me started on their reward card changes…..Rubbish! Well done Coles! I’m back!

    • Mary Merrington  

      Me too!
      They need to ditch the Halal Certification though as well.

  3. em  

    It’s still a rubbish rewards card- most of the orange tickets are on junk or processed food that I never buy. Just base it on the dollar value of the shop like the fly buys card..too simple?

    • Ted Jaeger  

      My thoughts exactly! Never going back to Woolworths.

    • Rosemary Shearer  

      Yes I agree….most of it is on stuff I would not buy & most of it is rubbish. Make it fairer Woolies – aren’t we all supposed to be buying healthy food !!

    • Glenda Splitgerber  

      Have been unable to earn Woolworths Dollars despite spending heaps of money. Woolworths dollars only on goods I don’t buy. Coles flybuys are far better; earning $10 flybuys dollars every couple of months. Wake up Woolies!

      • Julie McLean  

        Also switched to Coles, at least see my points adding up, likewise, I shop for value, not the rubbish that Woolworths were expecting us to buy on there new point system. Not earned one dollar, on the small shop I did to try out

    • Maggie  

      I agree that most foods are not staples or healthy food that I would buy.
      Especially as a single aged pensioner all the cuts if you spend $30 or 40 or more each shop to get a benefit.

  4. Jim Bishop  

    I have done just about all of my grocery shopping at Woollies for years. Since New Year I have had $1.47 woollies dollars on my rewards card. This new card is a dud deal. Last week, I started going to Coles and will most likely continue todo so.

  5. Simon  

    Ever since Woolies stop the QF point award system, I stop going to Caltex and switch to BP for VF points.

  6. Lyn reilly  

    I never shop at wollies anymore science they changed their rewards card the orange ticked things are only on expensive or things I don’t buy I shop at Coles now where I can collect flyer points on everything I buy and then convert them to cash off my grocery bill

  7. Woollies have lost me. I used to do all my shopping there. Now I am a Coles shopper. Their rewards are far better. I was shocked when I presented my card at Big W & was told they no longer accept it. The card is no longer worth having.

  8. Kathleen Obrien  

    I was told last week I have $10 off my next shop. Yesterday after spending another $300 I asked about my $10 off and was told no the card makes mistakes. Unless Woolworths improve and also bring frequent flyer points back bye bye Woolies !!!!!!

    • Tess  

      My last receipt tells me l can receive $20 off after 1st may. I’ll keep the receipt as proof, still waiting for the $20 off l was told would happen in April, Unfortunately l didnt keep that receipt. Very dodgy.

  9. Woolworths lost me. I’m glad that fresh fruit people ad is not on the TV right now. It was anything but fresh. I’m too far away from the shop to keep taking it back. Staff act like they don’t want to be there. Can’t find products as shelves not filled. Don’t get in the way of the cleaner if you go early. One came so close to me that I had to keep jumping out of his way ,only after 3 times I turned and told him to Stop. I travel extra to Coles,better specials and their card works for me.

  10. Trish  

    What more can I say…totally agree with all the above especially Jacqui…. just about lost me Woolworths…. Coles is looking more appealing and even trying Aldi…after 30 or so years…

  11. Andrew Robinson  

    Well Woolies have lost me after the rewards debacle and the significant difference in prices at Aldi. We now shop Aldi and on average save 20 to 30% each week on our weekly shop. Value, range of products and service are excellent at Aldi. The proof is in the total on the receipt.

  12. Maxine  

    I agree with all of the above comments. Woolies rewards program was better before it was changed.
    Orange ticketed items are things I rarely buy.
    Since orange ticketing came in months ago I have had only one $10 reward and and on my way to a second,

    Please woollies don’t say you are giving discounts on a lot of items to make up for the rewards, most price cuts are on home brand items many people don’t buy home brand,
    cooked Chicken prices have dropped yes! but I used to buy one on a regular bases but now they are a lot smaller so I haven’t been getting them.

    it really makes me cross that woollies think I’m so stupid I don’t notice all these things.
    Have been doing a lot of my shopping at Coles lately better deli service and I don’t wait forever to get served at the checkouts

    • Robyn Bryant  

      I stopped shopping at Woolworths not long after the new card came into effect. The format of my local Woolworths has changed to the point that I can’t find half of the items I used to purchase and even if I do I’m finding that it’s only the cheaper brands of item I used to purchase. I’ve subsequently gone to Coles for quite a few months now and find them much easier to navigate around and they have most of the brands that I prefer to buy even though they only have flybuys as their reward scheme (I don’t participate in fly buys). I find their prices are sometimes even lower.

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