What you need to know before that eyebrow tattoo session

If you are thinking of having your eyebrows tattooed, you might want to do some research. For those who have not seen how it’s done must be wondering what goes on during an eyebrow tattooing session.  Here are some frequently asked questions by eyebrow tattoo newbies…

Am I too old to be getting an eyebrow tattoo?

There is no cut-off point for wanting to look our best. There are many people in their 70s and 80s who still go for permanent eyebrow make up. The most important thing to look at is the health and skin condition (ability to heal) to determine if a procedure can be done. Some people will need to have their eyebrows done in smaller sessions instead of trying to do the whole thing in one session. 

Do eyebrow artists use stencils?

No, real professionals go free hand so the eyebrow will fit the individual’s face. Using stencils is putting the same brow on everyone when they don’t fit anyone. They just have that same fake look about them that you can spot on the street. Besides, the differences in the two sides of the face often require that one side be drawn modified for both sides to look the same. 

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Do I draw my eyebrows or does the artist?

If you like the way you draw your eyebrows, come in with them already on. The eyebrow professional will still measure and mark the parameters, double check symmetry, and offer suggestions. Most people let me draw their eyebrows for them. The next step is to draw them in to the shape and thickness the client prefers. When the client likes the way the eyebrows are drawn on, that is the pattern that will be used.

Do I come in with or without makeup?

For eyebrows, some eyebrow tattooists like to see how you have been wearing them so you can turn up with makeup and they they can wipe them off after you arrive. The artist will draw the eyebrows, then you will have a look in a mirror – You might like it the first time, or you might say you like it thinner, thicker, more arch, less arch, but just remember to communicate that.

Do you have a book of eyebrows to choose a design from?

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There have been clients that brought in a photo of eyebrows they liked on some celebrity, then did not like the same exact brows drawn on them. So the artist will modify the look  until the eyebrows suit the face more. Photos would be a good starting point and a helpful ballpark to know what the client likes.

If you don’t like someones eyebrow design, do you refuse service?

The artist will offer suggestions that would make the eyebrows more aesthetically correct. If the eyebrow design is way off the charts and you both cannot agree, you can say that you want to stop. However, charges may apply.

I have a scar that runs through my eyebrow so I have a spot of eyebrow hairs missing in my brow. Can I have just the bald spot filled in with hair strokes?

Filling in just the bald spot in the eyebrow with hair stokes can be done. However, the colour will not be the same as the rest of the brow hairs, and the best cosmetic tattoo artist in the world cannot make it look as 3D as the rest of the hairs that actually stick out of the skin. The best option is to have background shading throughout the entire brows, then hair strokes in one or two other shades placed sparsely throughout the brow portion that has hair, and placed more densely in the bald spot. This would provide adequate camouflage. No one would notice the bald spot.

Are you planning to get your eyebrows tattooed? Have you done yours before?