What was your first car?

A symbol of freedom and a poignant milestone in every young persons life, people always seem to remember the first

A symbol of freedom and a poignant milestone in every young persons life, people always seem to remember the first car they ever owned. Whilst common now, owning a car was a real game-changer for families in the 1950s.

Popular car choices in Australia in the 1950s were the Volkswagen Beatle, Morris Minor, Ford Prefect, Triumph Mayflower and the Austin A40. For those with a little bit more to splurge, 6 cylinder cars such as the Ford Zephyr, Vauxhall Victor, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Rover were popular choices.

In the 1960s, some of Australia’s now iconic Holden cars were released into the market, including the EK, EJ and EH Holdens, which were instant hits with buyers looking for cars to withstand the Australian climate and landscape.

What was the first car you ever owned?

  1. My first was the one that belonged to my now husband of 49 years. He always says I fell in love with his FC HOLDEN SPECIAL it was blue & white with spats & white wall tyres.
    No we don’t still have it. But we do have a framed photo proudly hanging in our family room

  2. Keith Cooper  

    First car second hand 1955 Austin A30 four door sedan great little car

    • Graham Bennett  

      Agree with you Keith Cooper. I also had a 1955 Austin A30 four door sedan and a terrific car. So cheap to run apart from every now and then replacing the valves which from memory were not much bigger than a 5 cent piece!

  3. Ken Whitefield  

    1963 second hand Hillman Minx, great little car

  4. John Brants  

    In 1968,40 hours of gardening in school holidays earned me $200. This bought a death trap aka FJ Holden! To the author,the Vauxhall victor was a 4 cylinder car-the Velox and Cresta were 6 cylinder models .(My second car was a Cresta -no heater or radio but leather seats,reliable,no rust and lovely to drive)

    • Brian Revell  

      What makes your FJ a death??? My 56 FJ was the best car I have owned.

  5. Janice Murray  

    1956 Morris Minor, with the baby in “car seat ” that hooked over the back of the seats.OMG!!!!

  6. In 1960 I bought my first car aged 16. It was a 1938 Y series MG Saloon. (The “Mafia” car I used to call it!) It had a built-in hydraulic jack system. I used to drive around with my Mum with “L” plates until I turned 18.

  7. Faye Dapiran  

    Fiat 500. Hardly ever went, but it was fun – when it was going of course. Bright red too.

  8. Nelson Kennedy  

    1937 Austin 7. I guess I’m a bit older than some of you!

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