What really happens when you hold a Number 2 for too long?

Advisors from Columbia University have reminded people not to ignore nature’s call, especially when it comes to doing a Number 2.

Advisors from Columbia University have reminded people not to ignore nature’s call, especially when it comes to doing a Number 2.

Many of us put off visiting the bathroom – if we’re stuck in traffic, on a long-haul flight or simply just busy. However, avoiding a poop can cause “adverse health issues” and “unpleasant side effects”.

Common side effects:

According to Columbia University, preventing normal bowel movements can lead to constipation. “If stool sits in the rectum longer than it should, water will continue to be absorbed from the stool”.

“This will cause constipation where stools are usually hard, dry, small in size, and difficult to eliminate”, advisors added. In these situations, people can also experience straining and bloating.

Worse case scenarios:

“Holding it in could also lead to painful side effects, including hemorrhoids and anal fissures”, said Columbia advisors. Anal fissures are tiny tears around the anal skin, which can be incredibly painful.

Putting off a bathroom visit may also damage your internal sphincter – the muscle which allows for quick and easy bowel movements.

“Ignoring the need to go causes the internal sphincter to stop relaxing entirely”, said Columbia. “Once this occurs, almost every bowel movement requires straining and pushing, which is unnatural and unhealthy”.

There have been extreme cases where people have gotten serious infections, and even died, due to holding their poop in. In these cases, the people involved did not seek medical attention.

So next time nature calls, make sure you heed its warning! Pooping may be embarrassing in certain social situations, but it is a necessary and important bodily function.

Have you ever “held on” for the toilet? Are you ever embarrassed to do a Number 2?

  1. I think this is a very important post,a member of my family does this all the time,she has anal fissures,bleeds when she poo’s and always has tummy ache😫

  2. When at school in the 1950s you could only go at play time, very poor diets then, and if someone needed to go it was awful if we had one teacher. Mrs Cooke. I had a boy sitting by me, that was crying and sobbing that he needed to go, she was shouting at him that he should have gone at play time. I will never forget him as he lost control and he sat there and he was so ill, it just ran out of him, down the chair leg, the smell was unforgettable. The humiliation that he suffered was beyond belief. Well she had to do something about the whole mess after that. Not one of us made fun of him, l think it was because he had been pleading with her to let him go. I told my granddad when I got home, he said it will never happen again, and was pleased that nobody had said anything to insult him further

  3. Terri Rice  

    I appreciate this post, as I am one of those people who want a cup of tea first thing in the morning after getting up. So, after making my way to the kitchen & putting the kettle on, the feeling comes on for a poo. No way, I say to myself- I want my cup of tea first, & then proceed to do all sorts of stupid movements around the kitchen trying to ignore the feeling whilst my tea is brewing. Finally have to give in & do the deed, come back feeling refreshed & heaps better, only to find my tea has stewed & have to start from scratch again !

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