What Pisses Me Off: Trees on roads

I have a thing about trees, I love trees of all sorts.

I have a thing about roads, to me a road is there to drive on,

I mean where does our registration money go?

Trees on roads I am not too sure about.

I sit watching TV a fair bit as my health is not good, could be a bit to do with old age. Every second night on TV there it is again someone is maimed or killed because they ran off the road and hit a tree.

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Let’s go with the people that want the trees.

I have had people yell at me saying we need trees on the roadside because we want shade. If you want shade, pull into a rest area and find some trees.

Some people say we need trees on the roadside because it is a natural habitat for small animals.

I would hate to be small animal sitting on the road while all these silly humans roar past at 100km an hour. Just look at the road kill everywhere.

Animals on the roads is another thing if farmers want cows on the roads let them buy more country.

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What about my opinion that there should be no trees on the roads.

I spent most of my working years as a mechanic, tell me about it; I live on painkillers. This gives me a fair idea of what can happen to a car. OK so you get a blowout at 100 or some idiot like me left a nut loose and you run off the road. That’s just a rough idea of course – mechanics don’t leave nuts loose.

If there was no trees or these stupid culverts that some idiot in council has put there just for you to run into, what happens?

OK you run along fighting for control and if there is a reasonable footpath you get a few dents in your car and maybe even roll over. With a bit of luck you live to talk about it.

Same story with trees – on the road you run off the road and before you have time to think, bang: you hit a tree.

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That’s it, end of story, you are dead. I see it on TV every second night.

I had a young lass run off the road in front of my house because her tire blew out. When she got out of hospital she came in to thank me and apologised for taking out a small tree on my footpath. I soon told her my ideas of trees on the roads.

Come on people let’s get these lazy councils to get rid of the thing that kills so many people.

Do you agree with Eddie? Do you think trees should be taken off road sides?