Victorian Government is guilty

The State Government has blood on its hands.  The Premier and his cabinet are guilty, guilty, guilty.

Five innocent are dead, and others are fighting for their lives because the politicians are not listening.

We are done for bail! We are done with the wishy-washy justice system! We are done with out-of-touch judges and magistrates!

This maniac in Bourke Street, Melbourne, yesterday mowed down unsuspecting pedestrians while he was out on bail.

We deserve better than this.

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It is time for us to focus on the protection of our community and stop extolling the rights of people who mean to do us harm.

It is time for the leftist do-gooder brigade to pull their collectives heads right in. We, the people, do not want to hear any more about criminal leniency because of age, ethnicity, and religion of some other “victim disease.”

Why are we so frightened to speak against PC brigade?

I am so angry about this unnecessary tragedy on Friday that I refuse to be dictated to by the PC brigade or the permanently offended for one moment longer.

Where is the deterrent? These thugs know the law, and they know they will probably get away of their crime.

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Business owners are under attack by gangs robbing their stores, seemingly without consequence. These gangs are predominantly of African descent which have been allowed to run seemingly uncontrolled about our city because no-one is game to call them to justice for fear of being called racist.

Out of control juveniles and supposed refugees rioting and destroying millions of dollars worth of tax payer-funded buildings and equipment. We can’t lock them up because they are ‘children’. If they are perpetrating crimes against innocent people in our society, they need to be locked up. And I won’t shed crocodile tears for these ‘poor children’ either.

If they hunt in packs, terrorise and brutalise people going about their everyday lives. I say to them – do the crime, do the time!

Our hard working police force are frustrated by the ‘revolving door’ justice system.

It is time to back them up and not stand ready to point the finger and cry ‘brutality’ every time a gang member; ice addict, juvenile delinquent and drunk driver commit a crime.

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Why many more people will be killed, injured and have their lives changed because bail justices keep returning offenders to the community.

The police know about these people. They have a history with them. When the police oppose bail, they have a very strong reason. This reason is being constantly ignored.

I wonder if the failure to act sooner against this idiot on Friday was more about offended to terminally offended rather than doing what the police should be doing and that is giving chase (not allowed) drawing their weapons and firing (not allowed) or any other action they deemed necessary.

Friday’s terror, to me, was the last straw concerning our very broken legal system and our constant bombardment of the bleating of the ‘do-gooders.

We live in a democratic society where the majority hold they power, not the bleeding heart minority.

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Enough. Time for the people to stand up and speak.

If people break the rules of our society, the consequence should be severe.

If immigrants do not want to accept the ways and rules of our country, they need to leave our shores.

If people drink-drive and kill, and take ice and others drugs which then become their excuse for the inexcusable, they need to be severely dealt with.

The hand-holding in over. We have had enough.