Trick to saving your phone without a case

Avoid this shattering situation.

Technology is wonderful and problematic in seemingly equal amounts. 

Our smartphones give us so much; they connect us to our family and friends, give us mobile access to the internet, which in turn gives us all of the information we could ever need at our very fingertips. 

They’ve replaced our phonebooks, our address books, our maps, our diaries, and even our memories in many ways, and we would feel lost without them.

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And herein lies the problem with this ever advancing technology. 

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If it’s gone, we find ourselves feeling lost, and disconnected from the communities we often rely upon for our social connections in this busy, fast paced life. 

And the trouble is, this precious piece of technology is so delicate! 

Unlike the brick-like phones of the past, one slip of the hand and it’s shattered into a web of sharp, unusable shards of glass. 

You can get plenty of different cases which claim to protect them, but ones that work well can be expensive, while others don’t work so well. And often, they interfere with the function of the touch screens, build up dirt and germs, and just aren’t terribly functional. 

If you’re in a pinch, there is one trick you can try that might just save your phone. 

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Use a hot glue gun to put a small amount of glue around each corner of the phone. This will mean that if dropped, the glue on the corners will cushion the impact and help prevent breakage. It also won’t affect the function of the touch screen!

If not wanted, it can be easily peeled off. 

Have you found any other useful technology tricks or tips?