Seven tips for fast and effective spring cleaning

These tips will have your house spick and span and feeling fresh in no time.

As we move into the warmer weather, you might be suddenly struck with the urge to clean your house from top to bottom. It’s just the season – time to clean out the house after being closed up all winter, and make way for the new season. 

Even so, having a few quick and easy ways to do it can make a big job much easier. Give these tips a try!

1. Clean your fridge

By the end of winter, fridges can be a bit grubby and smelly from all of those rich, comfort food you’ve been cooking! The best way to clean a fridge is with the simple combination of soda water and salt. The soda water bubbles away grime, and the salt makes an effective scrub for for difficult splotches. After you’re done, give it a wipe down with a little vanilla essence to give it a lovely, fresh smell.

2. Freshen up your curtains

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You don’t even have to wash curtains to freshen them up! Simply take them off their rods, and pop them in a dryer along with a damp towel to remove the dust. Include a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil on the towel if you wish, to get your house smelling amazing!

3. The ceiling fans

You don’t realise how dirty they get until you really look! rather than brushing all of that accumulated dust into the air and onto the floor, there’a a mess-free way to go about it. Pop a pillowslip over the arm of the fan, and use it as a duster as you slide it off. The fan is clean, and the dust contained within the pillow case!

4. Get rid of that lime buildup on your taps and faucets

The best way to do this is by wrapping them in paper towels soaked in vinegar. Leave for an hour, and the buildup will be soft and easy to remove. 

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5. The easy way to clean your window screens

No need to take them out, or use a pressure washer. All you need is a scrap of carpet! It makes a powerful brush to remove all the dirt and dust!

6. Your soft furnishings and bedding

Often, your heavy doonas, comforters, pillows, and blankets don’t need an actual wash, rather, just an airing out can help. Hang them out of a breezy, sunny day to freshen them up!

7. The dishwasher

We don’t ofter think to “clean the cleaner”, but dishwashers can end up pretty revolting, and they stop cleaning your dishes properly. Start by removing any bits of food from the bottom, then run an empty cycle with a specialty dishwasher cleaner. 

Do you have any other tips for easy cleaning?