Seven brilliant ways to de-wrinkle your clothing without an iron

Remove creases fast without an iron with these tried-and-tested methods. Source: Pexels

Tedious and time-consuming, it’s no secret ironing is a chore many of us put off. (Though there are some lucky people out there who find it therapeutic!)

But if you’ve procrastinated on the ironing, only to find something you want to wear quickly is crushed and an iron isn’t at hand, there are alternatives that remove creases fast. Cut your ironing time in half with these brilliant hacks. 

Use a hair straightener

Not that long ago, women used an actual iron to straighten their hair, and now a hair straightener can also be used to de-wrinkle stubborn creases. It’s particularly useful for hard-to-iron areas like your shirt collar. Before ‘ironing’ with straighteners, just make sure your straightener is clean from any leftover product residue! 

Blow dry stubborn creases

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Another brilliant way to remove creases without an iron is with a blow dryer. Simply lay the garment on a flat surface and run the dryer over the wrinkles. Just make sure the hair dryer doesn’t make contact with your clothing, as it could burn the fabric.

Steam clothes in the shower

If you’re travelling anytime soon, this trick is very useful. It might sound strange, but while you shower, hang up the clothing in the bathroom. The hot steam from the shower will remove any stubborn wrinkles! After your shower, let the garment hang in another room for a few minutes to dry out. 

Add some white vinegar

White vinegar is great to have on hand. Simply fill a spray bottle with three-parts water and one-part vinegar and lightly spray the creases, then hang the garment and let it air dry. You may need a tiny bit of scent to wear, just to ensure you don’t smell like the local fish’n’chip shop!

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Throw it in the dryer with ice

Yes, it actually works. Throw wrinkled clothes in your dryer with a handful of ice cubes (you can also use a damp piece of clothing, like a sock), for a few minutes. Why? The ice will melt and turn into steam, which will de-wrinkle any creases from your garment. 

Use a damp towel

On a flat surface, place a damp towel over the wrinkles and press down to smooth out any deep creases, then hang to air dry, it’s that easy! 

Turn a pot into an iron

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Surprisingly, a pot is a fantastic iron. Simply boil water in a pot you’d use for cooking, and once the water boils, empty it out, and use the bottom as an iron – it’s brilliant! Depending on how hot it is, iron over a tea towel, just in case, and make sure the bottom of the pot has no sticky residue or blackened spots that may mark your clothes. 

What do you think? Have you used any of these tried-and-tested methods before?