Get rid of that sweaty smell from your clothes for good

Don't put up with smelly clothes any more!

There’s nothing worse than a top that has the smell of sweat after you’ve been wearing it for only a short amount of time.

It’s worse when you’ve been wearing that top all day!

While there are some fabrics that do absorb odours more that others, there might also be times you’ve been especially hot and sweaty and the smell just lingers and lingers. 

It’s not just the smell. There’s also that yellowing of the fabric that gives it all away. Gross!

It’s not just gym or sporting gear that it happens to either. Sometimes it is a perfectly good going-out top, but it just has ‘that kind of material’.

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So how do you get rid of that smell?


Put two heaps tablespoons on bi-carb soda (baking soda) into a 3/4 bucket of lukewarm water.

Soak you clothing for two hours before washing


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It might be that your laundry powder just doesn’t cut it when it comes to removing stains and smells. 

Try adding 1/2 cup of bi-carb soda (baking soda) to the machine when you wash. This will help your detergent to work better, and will also reduce bacteria.


Don’t use fabric softener as this can lock in the smell.

Don’t overdo the laundry powder. There’s no point just piling in more detergent if you have a smelly pile of washing. It will just build up on your clothing instead, and might even lead to bacteria and even more smells. 

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If you are desperate

If you have tried everything, soaked, washed and avoided all the bad things, and the smell is still there, you have one last option. Freeze it! Pop the item in a plastic bag, sealed up nicely, and put it in the freezer overnight. The cold air should destroy the odours for you! 

What’s your best laundry tip?