Five tips to help you make your pricey perfume last longer
By Starts at 60 WritersIn LifestyleOn Tuesday 24th Oct, 2017

Five tips to help you make your pricey perfume last longer

Never waste perfume again!

A smell can evoke a range of different emotions and reactions from people and perfume is a great way to ensure the reaction you get is a good one.

Smelling good can boost your confidence but brighten your mood, but good perfume can be expensive, so not using it correctly can be a big waste of money.

These tips help you get the most out of your pricey scent.

  1. To make perfumes stay much longer, try applying a layer of moisturiser or ointment to your pressure point areas then spraying the fragrance over the top. An oily skin texture will hold onto a fragrance much more successfully so this is a good option for people with for dry skin or during winter time when everyone’s skin tends to be more dry. Applying to pressure points such as wrists, inner elbows, neck and behind the knees means the fragrance will circulate around your body much faster. It’s also a smart idea to apply the perfume to your ankles and calves so the scent will slowly rise throughout the day.
  2. Perfumes do expire but not as quickly as you would expect. Every perfume is different but some can last for up to five years if cared for properly. The first indicator that it’s expired would be the fragrance itself.  Spraying an expired perfume can either lose the original smell completely or develop into a vinegar smell. The colour of the perfume may also darken depending on how and where it was stored during use.
  3. When testing different perfumes, most department stores will have coffee beans to counteract the varying smells to give you a base smell. However, a more effective and accessible option is to smell your own skin. The smell of your skin is the best way to cleanse your nasal palette to continue to distinguish different scents.
  4. When applying fragrances, avoid spraying directly on your clothes as the combination of ingredients could possibly cause stains or spotting. It’s better to apply directly to your skin or, if you want a lighter smell, spritz some in the air and walk through the fragrance.
  5. Less is more. Never overdo your smell – for the sake of those around you. Try to avoid reapplying throughout the day even if you can’t smell the scent on yourself anymore. If you have applied too much then simply use a makeup wipe or an alcohol wipe on the applied areas and start again.

What is your signature scent?

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