This 73-year-old McDonald’s worker’s story will bring you to tears

Have you known people who just seem to get all the bad luck but take it in their stride? Those
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Have you known people who just seem to get all the bad luck but take it in their stride? Those people with hearts of gold and not a negative word to be heard coming out of their mouth?

We recently came across this heart felt story and thought it just needed to be shared! Charlotte is a 73 year old lady who had a stroke at the age of 25. She can’t use her left arm but she has been working at McDonald’s for 13 years. She has the most beautiful, positive attitude, here is a small clip of her story shared by McDonald’s customer Nada Seyam…

“I stopped at McDonald’s in Blackwell Oklahoma on my way coming back to Dallas. I watched this wonderful woman clean tables and change 4 trash cans. I wanted to talk to her but I was speechless I didn’t know what to say, so I asked her if I could record her and she said yes. Her name is Charlotte she’s 73, had a stroke at the age of 25. She’s been working at McDonald’s for 13 years.

My kids and I Watched her do all the work that she was doing with one hand and I thought what an amazing woman. She gave me hope and to be thankful for everything we have. Charlotte gave me this feeling that no matter what we should never give up. Please share she deserves a Thank you from all of us.”#LoveWhatMatters Video courtesy of Nada Seyam

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Do you know of someone whose story you think needs to be shared?

  1. OMG what an amazing lady. McDonalds must be so proud of her. We certainly need more Charlottes in this world !

  2. This is exactly why young people cannot get jobs…good on her but if we all work untill 100 where the stuff are the jobs for next generation

    • This is not the reason young people can’t get jobs. They don’t want to do these jobs they want to be the managing director

    • Some maybe but if everyone works until they are 80 or 100 with jobs going off shore where the hell are the jobs

    • I have personally never had trouble getting a job, but i get paid peanuts, i am 64 and i would want to retire at 65 so someone else can move in…even though i cant afford to retire

      • Terri Rice  

        With such a negative attitude as yours Pat Coghlan I’m not too surprised that you are putting down someone who does have a bit of get up & go – as opposed to your got up & gone. Stop being such a whingy ” ME ME ME ” person – give credit to an older person who has taken it on to continue supporting herself – even with disabilities , instead of relying on government hand outs.
        Shame on you.

  3. What an amazing and resilient woman. Sadly this sight will become common in Australia with Turnbull’s and the Liberal Parties wanting to push the pension age out evermore.

  4. Joan Marshall  

    I admire this lady. It is true never give up. I didn’t when I divorced my husband and had to provide for two children. I had a couple of lovely jobs provided for the children who now tell me they are privileged to have a Mother like me. The never giving up has paid in spades. Two decent human beings who have never given me a major problem.

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