Things that make baby boomers feel old

Feeling old has got nothing to do with your age. I remember feeling old the first time I chose sleep

Feeling old has got nothing to do with your age. I remember feeling old the first time I chose sleep over a New Year’s Eve party and, trust me, that was many, many New Year’s parties ago.

But every now and then something happens that makes me feel old. And it’s usually something only baby boomers can understand.

So here is a (non exhaustive) list of things that make me feel old. I’d love it if you share your own, or tell me which you also feel.

  • Hearing every musician, actor or sportsperson you loved envied and admired referred to as a “veteran”, “stalwart” or “icon”.
  • Knowing why computers use the “qwerty” keyboard. (You do know, right? Because on those old things we used called typewriters, the most common letters had to be placed our to prevent the arms getting tangled together when we were rapidly touch typing with perfect posture.)
  • Catching yourself being extra careful when dialing a phone number because you remember the agony of getting halfway through calling someone on a rotary phone and having to start over again – and that’s when phone numbers only had five digits.
  • The fact that the Dismissal of the Whitlam government was 40 years ago – 40 years!
  • Flicking through photo albums full of treasured photo that are mostly blurry or include the backs of heads and loved ones with closed eyes. But you’re not getting rid of them, goodness no, they’re the only photos you have of that time.
  • Knowing that I have 5000 photos on my computer, 1100 on my phone and absolutely no idea what to do with them. Oh, and I’ll still keep the blurry ones because I just can’t let go of the idea that photos are expensive and should be treasured.
  • Even though there are services available and I’ve been told about them, I intrinsically believe that TV shows happen at set times of the day.
  • Finding myself searching the internet for different, groovier terms for “grandma.
  • Without knowing how it happened, suddenly having a staggering collection of lovely scarves that have been breeding in my wardrobe.
  • Same goes for hand cream. Where do they all come from?
  • Being shocked at young people talking loudly about their sex life while walking down the street ­and wondering, when did I become such a prude?
  • Having a waiter assume it’s my birthday because I’m out to dinner with my daughter at a fancy restaurant.
  • Saying goodbye to stilettos and hello to pumps, after realizing that all the shoes in the fun shops are totally unsuitable and unstable and I’d quickly end up in an undignified pile on the floor if I even tried one on.
  • Embracing big girls’ bloomers.
  • Walking into a shop and having to walk straight back out again because the doof-doof music makes me think my brain is leaking out my ears.
  • Recognising a look of impatience on a salesperson’s face as I fish out my wallet and knowing she’s thinking “Is she ever going to find the 20 cents?”
  • Being asked “Do you fall over often, dear?” after a one-time mishap involving a plastic bag and a slippery street. It was one time! It would have happened to anyone!

Do you ever have those brief moments when you feel old? What sets you off and what do you do about it?


  1. Trying to make a 63 year old body keep up with a very active 63 year old mind and what it wants to do.

    • That is a problem. I look out in the morning and think ” I’ll get the washing machine going and then I’ll mow, then I can hang the clothes out and put the next lot in and by then that garden bed will be in the shade and I’ll weed that by then I can peg out the next lot of clothes” My mind runs happily ahead of my physical capabilities.

  2. Not up to date with the technical stuff. (Just need someone patient to show me!) not knowing any of the new singers etc, being intolerant and impatient of bad manners , not liking late nights etc. but all in all feeling OK

    • If you were nearer would certainly help with the technology. It does need someone to help – once you get the hang of it its easy. 😀

    • 2 years ago when I bought my first iPhone I asked each of my children what they had – and bought the exact same one as the child with the most patience. After the initial lesson, I allowed myself one question a day. I can’t remember too much at one time. If you have someone to “drip-feed” the info as you need it you get the hang of it much easier.

    • I. Agree Leone , I bought an iPad 18 months ago and since then two of my boys have been helping me with what to do and also getting the tips and tricks to use it.

  3. I haven’t felt old yet. And I am in total agreement with Lyn, its all about attitude.
    My friend is constantly referring to herself as old, it drives me bonkers!
    Its like she has to explain to everybody why she looks the way she looks,( which is wildly colorful and over the top, beautiful.)
    She is younger than I am and I feel like giving her a good slap everytime she does it.
    I have warned her! lol!

  4. Not having to work as hard as I used to, and nobody thinks I’m lazy 🙂

    • I think typing to you Sheree gave me a lift. I got the towels going in the washing machine. Decided the grass was a bit lengthy (can’t stand grass touching my washing) so I started mowing under the clothline. Hubby got inspired and cranked up the line trimmer and between us ( we have his n hers mowers) we did the whole yard. Then I pegged out the towels came upstairs. Picked up everything off the floor (chairs, fans, dogs dishes, cats dishes, water dishes, kids toys, shoes, etc) tied the curtains up vacuumed. Just brought the dry towels in and I’m sitting here feeling quite righteous although I don’t quite have the energy to mop right now I’m hopeful that later on I will. Thanks to you Sheree and SAS 🙂

    • I’ve got my reward. I feel righteous. There’s nothing better than feeling worthy. 🙂 Arms and legs are aching.

  5. As for the technical stuff, my sister who is 77, is struggling with it but getting there. I am not a person who is into talking on the phone so I email ir message her every morning. She gets a little better at emailing every day. Whenvshe first started she took two hours,( she said,) to write,’Hello Darling Sister.’

  6. Being told we are old and leaners by the Government has not helped

  7. I love being old , I love being called nana ! I love to go slow , I hate stress , I don’t want to live in the fast lane like all the idiots do , I love going for coffee , I love not having to get up for work , I love the old photos of my family , my life is wonderful being old .

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