The supermarket that has been labelled the best ever… and it’s coming to Australia

Look out Aldi – there’s another competitor on its way, and it could change everything. Just when we thought grocery

Look out Aldi – there’s another competitor on its way, and it could change everything. Just when we thought grocery shopping had reached its peak, it seems another German budget chain has become a favourite with shoppers.

We trusted the UK and Europe when they brought Aldi to Australia, and now another revered supermarket is set to shake up the industry: Lidl.

Good Housekeeping Institute has named Lidl the supermarket of the year after to fast growing chain successfully pipped other grocery retailers to the top spot.

The two runners up were Aldi and Waitrose, so leaving the ‘big four’ of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons in their dust.

Budget supermarkets Aldi and Lidl now taking more than £1 in every £10 spent on groceries in the UK, a similar issue to Australia – more and more Aussies are going to Aldi every week instead of the top two supermarkets.

So why is Lidl so popular? Mainly for price and taste! German supermarkets seem to really resonate with shoppers looking for a simple, no frills shopping experience, and when Lidl comes to Australia, it seems like Woolies and Coles won’t compare.

While there’s no confirmation on when Lidl will officially come to Australia, they have registered trademarks just in case, and earlier this year they were eyeing off Masters locations after it was revealed the hardware chain was struggling.

Last year, Lidl said it would invest $3 billion dollars over the next three years to ramp up its store expansion globally, reports Smart Office.

In the UK Lidl has more than 630 stores throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Right now Lidl is focusing on the rollout of stores in the US, before hoping to expand to Australia.

Tell us, do you think it’ll be good to have an Aldi competitor?


  1. Gail Reilly  

    Yes, the more the merrier, and cheaper!

  2. Marie  

    Personally I think buying food is more about quality than quantity. In the UK I shopped at Waitrose. I trusted it’s home brands too and it never disappointed. I keep to a budget but I wouldn’t ever compromise on quality. I don’t understand the logic of ‘build ’em high and sell ’em cheap’ in relation to food. One wrong buy means all your ‘savings’ fly out the window. Stick with what you know I say.

  3. Have enjoyed shopping at Aldi many times, for many years, and not just for the price – the quality is superb. I also lived in France for a short time and Lidl was the local supermarket. I thought they were a half a step ahead of Aldi but in most respects very similar. This is what we need – to take that duopoloy away from Coles and WW/Safeways. Price should drop across the board. I think Aldi have had a good run here because I think they have been able to charge well above what they normally would and now that should change.

  4. Andrea Taylor  

    We in New Zealand need some good competition, Here we only have 2 supermarket chain owners, 1. Countdown Aussie owned and Foodstuffs NZ owned, bring on some more competition like Aldi Or your new one Lidl, then maybe our food prices will come down in price.

  5. Donice Keenan  

    It will be some years before lidl gets to Australia IF it decides to.
    Even then it will , like ALDI take many more before it’s rolled out over the Nation away from the Eastern states .
    After all SA and WA waited 15 years for ALDI to reach them and it’s yet to appear in Tassie .

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