The Queen makes a special appearance at an unlikely place.

Not saying that The Queen has never been to a supermarket before, but it is a sight that you would

Not saying that The Queen has never been to a supermarket before, but it is a sight that you would rarely see.

On an official trip with Prince Charles and his wife Camilla to the newly christened Queen Mother Square to unveil a statue of her mother, Queen Elizabeth had a look around the new district centre.

The shopping centre decided to honour The Royals by giving them large hampers “worth hundreds of pounds, including dog treats for the family pets and beer, wine and whisky” according to Vanity Fair. They were thanked by Prince Charles who said: “I can’t possibly thank Waitrose enough for their generous hospitality today.”

After the shopping trip, the Royals were warmly welcomed at a local inn named Duchess of Cornwall Inn. The Inn had a special treat as they brewed a speciality beer for the occasion called “The Duchess”. The Queen and Prince Philip did not partake as they made an early exit. However, Camilla got in the spirit of the occasion and got behind the bar and served a few pints of the beer.

  1. BBC radio 4 news it was reported that mothers and children in London and elsewhere are becoming afraid to go for walks because of these clowns scaring people especially children.  

    Well, I’m not impressed, i’d have rather Waitrose had said they’d give a hamper of food to the local social centre’s poor.

  2. Giving the Royals a hamper is a token of appreciation and should be taken as a simple gesture. As for feeding hungry people, the supermarket sharholder’s are the ones who need to make that decision. Politicans and public servants are different as they are corruptable and should not be given gifts. The Royals are a our heads of state and fall into a category all of their own. They are there to be an example of a wholesome family and they do spend a lot of their time working in charity. They would also cost a fortune to replace and for Britain they are a big money earner. The UK needs tourist pounds now that their currency has dropped so much. One thing I would never do is to see the real Royals as those characters we see in magazines – those magazines are just money spinning rags and have nothing to do with the Royal family.

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