Is this bizarre flight request rude, or hilariously honest?

We can’t choose who we share a plane with. Nor can we blame a fellow passenger for coughing, or a

We can’t choose who we share a plane with. Nor can we blame a fellow passenger for coughing, or a baby for crying. But in this case, a passenger simply had to vent.

This note, scrawled onto a napkin, was shared to reddit,  from an poster who claims to be the son of an airline hostess. “My flight attendant Mom got this from an upset passenger,” he said.

While we don’t condone the wording or means of complaint, it’s hard not to laugh at the honesty:

Image source: Imgur
Image source: Imgur

Have you ever wanted to leave a note like this? Is it a fair request to make?

  1. If you’re in a confined area you really should try and hold them back.Then when free and clear,let em rip.

  2. It is rude but funny , one time to Amsterdam some one was farting .Ohh my it was bad .I couldn’t help myself and said out loud for Pets sake who is farting .. people around me clapped …lol no more farting . ha ha . lets say the man went to the toilet ..

    • Indeed you can , at the end of your flight you can smell it in your clothes .. the best is the smelly socks ,lol ! lordy lord . very bad ! .. if you are on a 12 hour flight it hurts . there is only so long you can keep fingers up your nose hole . .

    • Maybe you have been very lucky .. lol . next time I will mention your name and get a good seat , , ha ha , !

    • I know mine is selective! . I Iike the smell of the dinner trolly and a good wine and the end of the flight .

    • Yes Lee I am serious. Have never heard anyone break wind or smelled anything untoward!! That’s why I said my hearing and sense of smell must be going. Have been on many flights over the years, including to UK, so must have been lucky!!
      Just asked my husband and he says you are correct and that it’s true – and that’s why the overhead “gaspers” (aptly named!!) are for people to use. He was an aircraft technician. Can’t believe I have only just found this out. Stop laughing at me ladies!! Titter, titter, lol. 😀😀😀

  3. Totally honest, nothing rude about it. We are way too polite about something that is just plain mean and selfish in the context of how to behave on a Plane.

  4. Just ask the hostst for some air freshener ,may have been a nervous flyer,but not nice😬

  5. Hahaha. Not rude at all. At least the passenger did it with civility rather than shaming the row passengers.

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