Ten of the many reasons why we love our granddads!

Starts at Sixty recently listed some of the traits we love best about grandmas, and readers asked for a list

Starts at Sixty recently listed some of the traits we love best about grandmas, and readers asked for a list about granddads too. Here are ten of the many things which make our granddads so special!

1. You share wisdom with the little ones

Whether it’s showing the grandkids how to bait a line, paint a fence or swing really high, granddads are wonderful at imparting their wisdom. This also teaches little ones how to respect the ideas of others.

2. You encourage the little ones to play outside

Passing a ball in the backyard, cheering at the grandkids’ team sports or just taking them to the beach! We love how granddads encourage the little ones to play outdoors and use their imaginations.

3. You tell the best jokes

Everyone knows what a “Dad joke” is, but “Granddad jokes” are even better! We love how granddads make their grandchildren laugh, even if it means acting silly.

4. You’re always there in times of need

Granddads can always be relied on to help their grandkids. Whether it’s with a listening ear, a bear hug or even some sage advice, we appreciate how granddads are always there for support.

5. You teach the little ones about history

Most granddads have been through a lot, whether it’s military service or international travel. We love how granddads talk about these experiences, because it teaches the little ones about history and culture.

6. You share your hobbies with the little ones

Granddads often have a hobby, whether it’s model trains or stamp collecting. We love how granddads share these pursuits with their littlest apprentices, and show that technology is not always needed!

7. You talk about the family tree

We love how granddads will share even the most embarrassing stories about growing up. It teaches little ones that older people haven’t always been “old”, and that each relative has a life experience to share.

8. You spoil the grandkids

Two serves of ice-cream when grandma doesn’t notice? A cheeky $10 note in a birthday card? We love how granddads spoil their grandkids, with the sweetest little gestures!

9. You instil honour and respect

Granddads teach the little ones about integrity. Whether by speaking warmly to their wives, maintaining a strong work ethic or being financially responsible – granddads embody the principles of honour and respect.

10. You love unconditionally

Just like the rest of each family, granddads love their grandchildren unconditionally. We love how granddad’s house feels just like a second home. Thank you to each and every granddad out there!

What do you love best about the granddads you know? Do you recognise any of these ten traits within yourself?

  1. My grandfather was a real sport….we could try out our teenage makeup on him n he just sat there…..a gentleman…..I have 12 grandees myself now….time flies

  2. My father would get dressed up in his suit and tie and arrive promptly at our doorstep every Friday at 5.30pm to take my children out on a “date” to the Pizza Hut. He was teaching them to dress well and to be punctual. My children in turn would dress in their best clothes and thoroughly looked forward to Friday afternoons.

  3. Never knew any of my grand fathers. My dad died before he had a chance to enjoy all his grandchildren.

  4. Because grand dads know everything…..and if not, they make it up!! Never knew my grand dads, but my husband is a wonderful grand dad.

  5. Frank  

    Just being there – without doing anything – they feel empowered to run and play and try physically challenging things – because they know/expect you to stop them if it’s too risky – with you watching and saying nothing – they will climb to the top of a mountain – and feel great – and them they will come and hug you and sit on your lap and say they love you.

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