Must-know style tips for the petite over-60 woman

Many women are petite, in fact the average Australian woman is 162cm – 5’4″! But unfortunately not every shop caters

Many women are petite, in fact the average Australian woman is 162cm – 5’4″! But unfortunately not every shop caters for the smaller woman despite how many there are, so we have to take matters into our own hands.

It can be difficult to find outfits or sizes that don’t make you look even shorter, but there are many styles and little tricks that can make you look taller, appreciate your size and accentuate your best features.

Here’s the best tips we’ve found!

1. Wear a v-neck

V-necks help elongate your look, and flatter your petite frame. Try for a three-quarter sleeve or short sleeve, no ruched or capped sleeves as these can shorter your arms.

2. Try cropped pants

Cropped pants or jeans can be perfect for petite women as long as they’re cut just above the ankle. They look great with heels or flat shoes. Three-quarter capri pants on the other hand can shorten your legs.

3. Show off in a skirt

The best skirt length for petites is just below the knee or shorter, if you feel comfortable. Otherwise, a flowy, three-quarter skirt is ideal.

4. Accentuate a big bust

If you’re a fuller petite, try a fitted top with a high-waisted skirt. This will give you a longer bottom half without drawing all the attention to your bust.

5. Stay away from maxis

Petites need to be mindful of big dresses with lots of material. You can get lost in it and the fabric can also drag along underneath you. As a general rule, if you’re wearing voluminous fabric on the bottom, wear something fitted on top.

6. Wear clothes that fit well

Wear garments that fit you well – no loose-fitting tops. You want to create a long silhouette.

7. Look for vertical lines

Select clothes with vertical lines – and not just striped. Vertical seam lines will create a long line, so avoid any horizontal lines as these do the opposite.

8. Keep belts narrow

Keep belts slim and match them to your outfit if you want to wear a belt. Wide belts cut the figure in half and break up the vertical illusion.

9. Keep it straight!

Wear jeans and pants with straight legs – no flares or flowy pants. But if you do prefer a flowy pant, wear heels and a tight top and jacket.

10. Wear a heel

In your 60s, you might shy away from a heel, but it’s the easiest way to add height. It doesn’t have to be a stiletto, it could even just be a low heel.

12. Avoid a big bag

A giant bag will just accentuate your petiteness. Instead, opt for a smaller bag that’s proportionate.

Are you petite? How do you make yourself appear taller?

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  2. I agree, every time I go on the site, I get ads which don’t clear with the X…have to wait. Really annoying. At the moment it’s Andre Rieu. Don’t want to see ads, just what’s on Starts at 60!

  3. moira  

    I support the comments of Margaret and Mary…lose the ads!

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  5. Noreen Hynes  

    I agree with everything and hair is also important. We all develop our own unique styles over time. I always admire women who look good in classic clothes with a good cut to their jackets and smart pants. Many women stick to what works for them personally and spend years developing their own stylish looks. Thanks for the great advice.

  6. Info gained over many years of being mortified at seeing photographs of myself. Wear clothes which skim your body – not tight fitting, and definitely not bulging. Wear long straight, plain jackets with no fussy collars, pockets, or trims. Avoid horizontal lines (in jewellery, necklines, scarves, shoe straps etc). Wear stockings and shoes which are all similar in colour to clothing. Wear tops and bottoms in same or similar colour or fabric. Wear necklaces which reach at least to the top centre of your bra. Look for diagonal or v shaped seams or inserts. Avoid large flowery or bulky fabrics or accessories. Choose vertical hats – horizontal ones will make you look like a mushroom.

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