Mariah Carey’s racy ensemble turns heads at UN event

If you thought meeting the head of the United Nations would tone down Mariah Carey’s diva-like dress sense, you’d be

If you thought meeting the head of the United Nations would tone down Mariah Carey’s diva-like dress sense, you’d be wrong.

The singer attended an exclusive event held in honour of United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon in Los Angeles, and while most of the guests – which included grunge rocker Courtney Love and 50 Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson – dressed modestly, Mariah whipped out the leather.

The pop princess arrived at the event for the 72-year-old South Korean statesman wearing a skin-tight leather ensemble with the jacket unzipped enough so you could clearly see the lacy bra she was wearing underneath. The whole outfit was pulled together with a pair of lace-up stiletto heels… Black, of course!

She certainly looked more sex kitten than prima donna dignatory, and her look was said to have won over the room.

Talking to reporters outside the event Mariah was certainly in a partying mood.

“Hillhaven… [is] the party capital of the world, so the United Nations should be here,” Mariah told the New York Post. “Okay, I’m sorry. I’m a little festive.” Does that mean she might have had a tipple before heading out?

What do you think of Mariah Carey’s outfit? Was it appropriate attire to meet a member of the United Nations?

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    • Mary Heffernan  

      What the heck does this have to do with the above article?

  2. Mary Heffernan  

    Sorry, but Mariah looks like she’s got her bottom resting on her chest. Doesn’t she know the meaning of appropriate dressing?

  3. Pam Parker  

    Maybe she should be engaged to Geoffery Edelsten if she wants a rich Aussie partner. James don’t do it!!

  4. marilyn flynn  

    she looks like a porn star. She has no taste. What is James Packer thinking????

  5. Elizabeth Gardner  

    I am not against how a person dresses but given the situation this is ridiculous beyond words. Her style of dressing is less than appropriate for the occasion. Did she not look in the mirror!

  6. Helen  

    Who’s she trying to ‘attract’?
    Isn’t being engaged to one of the richest men on the planet, enough for her?

    Her mode of dress is totally inappropriate for the occasion, which shows lack of brain, & common sense.
    Obviously she’s a very ignorant person, & very, very insecure.
    She wasn’t taught how to dress for each, & every occasion.
    She looks like a s@&$.
    Nearly every photo I’ve seen of her lately; she’s got her boobs, either falling out, or pushed up! Yuck!

    To James, drop her whilst you can! She’s just NOT for you!
    Imagine if she turned up dressed like that to a Corporate meeting, for example, where mega-bucks were at play? I know blokes’ like ‘titillation’, but she’s far beyond the pale!

  7. Rob Ozanne  

    She would look great undressed !

  8. Marie  

    Totally inappropriate. I see it as juvenile, attention seeking and embarrassing to women everywhere. She’s a good looking lady. This just isn’t necessary. I think it shows a lack of confidence and self worth.

  9. Alistair F Tassie  

    She’s an attention seeker with a large ego.

  10. Cheryl French  

    She has no appropriate dress sense at all. What the hell was she thinking. James must be hypnotised or unable to see the trash bag he is walking around with.yuk.

  11. Jan Foley  

    Flashy and trashy Mariah! She looks like she has just stepped out of a porn movie studio. I predict heartbreak if James marries her. Tighten your wallet James.,she’ll use your money before hers!!

  12. win  

    Oh dear James…you are not being ruled by your brain are you. How can you be seen out with someone who looks like she has been dragged in from ‘street work ‘. Surely you cannot be so desperate

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