How to look good when you are older and larger!

One of our Starts at Sixty community members has asked: “Isn’t there ANYTHING around these days that a larger sized,

One of our Starts at Sixty community members has asked:

“Isn’t there ANYTHING around these days that a larger sized, elderly lady can wear and look good in?”

Aileen May


Oh Aileen, I feel your frustration!  Every woman deserves to look and feel her best!

If I was you, I would start by looking at brands that cater for larger sized women.  Their cut will be better and there will be a good selection for you to choose from.

Brands that I would recommend looking at are TS14, Autograph, Belle Bird, Maggie T  and Sara to name a few.



Maggie T lace trimmed shell top

Available here

Maggie T geo print pant

Available here

Maggie T Italian linen shirt

Available here

TS14 becca shirt

Available here

Maggie T pleat front blouse

Available here

Maggie T blush floral print scarf

Available here

Sara leather wide espadrille

Available here

TS14 sienna wedge

Available here

Sportscraft othea shoes

Available here


Choosing what to wear

  1. Always go for classic shapes.  Things like a basic tee, a single breasted blazer, straight legged flat front pants, pencil skirt, shift dress, classic shirt and classic denim.  You can use accessories to keep your look current.
  2. Go for garments that skim the body.
  3. Wear darker colours on the parts of your body that you do not want to draw attention to.
  4. Stick to plain colours as much as possible – particularly colours that you know flatter you.  Choose prints carefully. A classic black and white or leopard print are always in style.   A good way to wear a print is in a scarf or an overshirt.


Try to avoid

  1. Prints which are old or too garish.  Nothing will age you faster!
  2. Anything that clings in the wrong places is not for you.  A garment should fit you beautifully and enhance your look.
  3. Leave overly trendy garments for the very young.







Maggie T soft skirt

Available here

Adorne polished pod necklace

Available here

Sara poplin shirt

Available here

Sara the blazer

Available here

Sara long pull-on pants

Available here

TS14 celia peep toe wedge

Available here


Aileen I hope these tips have been helpful for you and have given you some inspiration!


Do you have any tips for Aileen?  Do you have a question that you would like us to answer?




  1. Some of the best clothes for larger women are available at Dale & Waters of Perth. I have been buying their clothes for 15 years and love them. They have everything from casual to formal. I also find Sybil’s of Brisbane very good with excellent race wear as well as more casual denims and resort wear. Both companies are very good with online ordering.

  2. Why can’t there be nice well made clothes in a moderate price range otherwise check out local op shops

  3. TS clothing is very nice well made , often have great specials too, maggie T clothing rarely has anything that appeals to me , prices are well above affordable for the average lady especially a retired one .

  4. Mary  

    All I want is to be able to buy are clothes that fit ( size 22 and bulky), are cool in summer (cotton only-nothing synthetic) and aren’t black ( If I wanted to wear black, I would have become a nun.). I love colour because it makes me happy. I’ll wear it despite what you think. TS14 had wonderful crinkle cotton dresses a couple of years ago but hardly any since then. Last weekend, a new one appeared online and I am off to buy it today.It’s a bright colour without any black in the background and has a horizontal hem.. (Those dippy ones don’t do a thing for me.) Because of a severe storm I couldn’t get to the shop to take advantage of the sale (Second one 50% off) but it hardly mattered because there wasn’t a single other dress I wanted to buy. ( I thought about buying two the same, just in case.)
    When you have feet (EEE) and legs like mine, you don’t/can’t buy shoes with heels or wedges, which means many of the clothing styles you suggest don’t suit. Fitted blazers are out. To get one to fit over my stomach, I have to wear one so large the shoulders dwarf me.This brings to mind the problem that my figure when I stand is a very different shape from when I sit. If I wore a jacket that fitted me standing, when I sat, it would either burst apart or my head would disappear between the risen padded shoulders .
    I own pants but am not comfortable wearing them in hot weather. ( Add occasional incontinence to my list of woes.), so all those floaty tops are out. ( I wish they would make the same ones a few inches longer so we could wear them as dresses. (I know about the ‘petticoats’ but they’re black and synthetic and more for winter.)
    I am happy to go out in a dress that makes me feel good, is cool and fits reasonably well. If it’s too hot for sleeves and you don’t like my bingo wings, too bad.
    People keep suggesting Op shops but I have never found anything for me there, though I have donated some of my ‘mistakes’ there. Now my friend is making plastic bag storers out of the skirts I had made out of quilting cotton fabric but no longer wear. How’s that for recycling.

    • Mary  

      A follow up from yesterday’s message. The dress is perfect. I wish they would sell more of the same style in different prints. I also bought a blue linen dress which fits beautifully. I am not sure that the linen fabric will be comfortable on really hot days but it is perfect in every other way. I was offered a cotton dress which I thought was a possibility until I tried it on. The skirt was above my knees in front but a foot longer at the back, The side seam was split for about 10 inches. My legs, knees and thighs were on display for all to see. I had the urge the urge to draw happy smiley faces on my big fat knees! It turned out it wasn’t a dress but a long top. As for the discount I missed due to the storm, I got 40% off the two dresses.

      (I checked out the Unique You but saw nothing at all that was suitable for me. No cottons, all synthetics with dippy hems and a plethora of funereal black. I wouldn’t be seen dead in. )

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