How do I stop my lipstick from bleeding?

One of our Style at 60 community members has asked: What is the best way to stop my lipstick bleeding?

One of our Style at 60 community members has asked:

What is the best way to stop my lipstick bleeding? – Mary Evans


Excellent question! No one wants to have their lipstick going anywhere. We want our lipstick to stay right where it belongs – on our lips! This question is especially relevant now that we are coming into the festive season, when red lipstick and other bold colours are popular to wear.

Lipstick tends to feather into the fine lines that many of us have around our mouths. Some of us have lines that are more pronounced than others due to facial expressions, sun exposure or smoking.

To ensure that your lipstick does not bleed, follow these tips:

It starts with your foundation

When you apply your foundation, apply some lightly to the lip area as well. This will help to fill in some of the fine lines and prevent lipstick getting in to them. A light dusting of powder around the lip area will help as well.

Use a reverse lipliner

Yes, they exist! There are a number of products these days that can act like a barrier around the lip line and are well worth a try.

Why you must use lipliner

Lipliner acts as a barrier, preventing lipstick from travelling onto the skin surrounding the lips. When you apply lipliner, gently trace the outline of your lips and fill in a bit of the lips as well for maximum staying power. I like to use one that matches the natural colour of my lips.

Select your Lippy

Choose your lipstick wisely as the consistency will impact how it will adhere to the lips. If your lippy is quite wet or glossy it will tend to bleed. Go for classic lipsticks, long-lasting lipsticks or lipstick crayons.

Colour inside the lines!

Don’t try to make your lips look larger by going over the natural lip line. If you do this your lipstick will most certainly bleed.

Apply with a lipbrush

If you use a lip brush, your lipstick will sit on the lips better and will not have a tendency to bleed.

Blot with a tissue

Yes that old trick – and it works! Apply lipstick, blot, then apply another layer of lipstick on top. This will help your lipstick to last and not shift!

Watch the gloss

Lipgloss does not need to be applied all over the lips and especially nowhere near the edges. If you are wearing gloss, only apply a hint to the bud of the lips. Keep well away from the lipline!




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I hope this helps, Mary!

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