Bright and colourful style inspirations by over-60s

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, that calls for a wardrobe rehab. It can be frustrating sometimes
Photo: YouTube (Ari Seth Cohen).

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, that calls for a wardrobe rehab. It can be frustrating sometimes when most of the things in the shops for over-60s look bland and less exciting.

Well, just because we’re over-60 it doesn’t mean our fashion sense has gone down the drain!

Wearing bright colours doesn’t just boost your style points but researchers have confirmed that they have a positive effect on your mood, behaviour and stress levels.

Just look at these stylish over-60s doing their thing and looking amazing with bright colours and quirky accessories!

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Do you like wearing bright colours?

  1. Shirley Walden  

    Love these pics and really love bright colours. My main colours are royal blue turquoise purple and red plus a mish mash of red yellow blue and green.😆👠👒👗👢

  2. Love the “Jewel colours” especially Emerald Green & sapphire (cobalt ) blue. My fave colour combo is navy blue & emerald green / turquoise & Aqua with all the shades of the sea.

  3. Christine  

    I love wearing colour and am particularly fond of reds & oranges!

  4. Nancy Brenton  

    Not quite as quirky as these ladies but love bright colours. Pops of bright colour liven up a dull day – enjoy your journey!

  5. Judith  

    I like bright colours but some of these outfits make the wearer look more like a clown!

  6. Until I hit forty I was relatively conservative. Then I had a stroke and became more so.

    Over time as I was on the road to recoverly I became braver in my ‘dress’.

    Now at 69 I wear what I like, what suits me and all colours EXCEPT yellow and puce. They do not suit my skin colouring. I dress to please me.

    Colour preference; red, emerald green, orange, royal blue, b&w, purple etc.

  7. Love bright clear colours. I wear a lot of purple and orange as well as bright greens, yellow and bright blues. I loathe all the beige and greys – they depress me. Black doesn’t flatter my skin either. These ladies have heaps of pix on pinterest and some have really fabulous clothes and shoes.
    Anyway it is colour all the way for me and I dress for me!

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