3 great looks for relaxed weekend dressing!

  When you are off-duty, it doesn’t mean that you should be off style-duty too.  Growing up, my mother always


When you are off-duty, it doesn’t mean that you should be off style-duty too.  Growing up, my mother always had clothes for around-the-house and there were some rather unusual combinations to say the least!

You can be dressed in a relaxed and comfortable way and still look fabulous in my opinion-  it needn’t be daggy old house clothes.!   Besides you never know when you might have to nick down to the shops or have somebody drop-in for a visit!


Tell me what you think of these three looks!  Would you wear them and what is your favourite?


Nothing beats a t-shirt and denim.  Always comfortable and always stylish.  This loose t-shirt style is beautifully cool to wear and the 7/8 pants look great in a cute spot print.  I love wearing plimsoles lately – they are so easy to wear!  Accessorize with your favourite necklace.




Birdkeepers the swing tee

Available here

Vassalli spot pull-on denim pant

Available here

Walnut euro elastic plimsoles

Available here


I don’t know about you, but I love to spend time gardening!  I always like to protect my skin with a sun hat and a long-sleeved shirt with a collar.   As you can see I have stuck with a blue palette  – but why not add a bit of fun colour to your look to add a bit of interest?




Millers button pocket shirt

Available here

Capture tank

Available here

Millers knee-length chambray shirt

Available here

Outliving gardening gloves

Available here

Sportscraft ava bucket hat

Available here

Walnut euro elastic plimsole

Available here

Nest of Pambula tree drop earrings

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Keep it cool and loose on a scorching hot day!  Choose a strappy or sleeveless top with linen pants.  For accessories I keep it to a bare minimum with some lightweight earrings as I find when it is really hot I don’t like to wear a necklace.  Birkenstocks and other slip-on styles are a great choice of footwear for around the house.




Capture linen pull-on crop

Available here

Together swing top

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Birkenstock gizeh thong

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Bec Stern bubble earrings

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  1. Around the house – nice shorts and colorful top! It is hot on the Gold Coast – even in winter!

  2. Around the house…a cool dress..nothing too new and trendy as I tend to wipe my hands on it when cooking etc. If I go out I pop into some 3/4 pants and top. Gardening….. omg!!I can’t believe this person wears such new and trendy clothes to garden!!! Mine is the oldest tatteriest clothes I own. Either I am a really messy gardener or the person who “did” the styling likes to pretend to garden.lol

  3. Nort when the weather is humid, got one of those stickers on front door, no sales people, so I know I’m safe!!! 👌🏻

  4. That’s pretty much me (unless I’m gardening and then it’s the older, tatty version of that). If I have to go out I just add jewellery. On really hot days though I wear long, loose, sleeveless cotton dresses.

  5. I prefer to wear a skirt when off duty as I wear trousers for work,. Warm ones (Uk winter) are getting hard to find, plus they are either ankle-length or above knee-length, neither of which suit a 60+ woman..

    • Myra Sorensen  

      I’M 60+ Pat and I wear ankle length skirts – but only in winter. I love them. Very feminine.

  6. Now there’s gardening and there’s gardening! I would totally destroy those beautiful gardening clothes with the hard yakka I do!

  7. Myra Sorensen  

    I hope the denim is lightweight! I wouldn’t think a 40 degree summer’s day would be conducive to wearing denim by choice; not unless you’re in air con all the time. Loving the blue chambray shirt and strappy yellow top though.

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