Spend less time cleaning up after your fur babies with these easy tips

Indoor pets can create a mess, but there are easy ways to help clean up.

If you treat your pets like a part of the family, chances are they live inside your home with you.

While house training your pets makes things easier when it comes to cleaning up after them, there are things obviously beyond their control.

Like shedding pet hair, for example.

Here are a few tips to make cohabitation more fun with your fur babies, with less time on chores.

  1. An easy way to get fur out of the carpet is to use a dry squeegee. They are not just good for cleaning windows. Simply run it over your carpet and it will collect the fur as it goes.
  2. A soft cloth and furniture polish can help remove hair on wooden furniture. Wearing a rubber glove and wiping over the hair works well on soft furnishings too.
  3. Sticky lint rollers are great for removing pet hair from your clothing but if yours has lost its sticky magic or if there are stubborn hairs you can’t collect, try sticky tape. Stick on and peel off straight away to prevent leaving residue on your clothing.
  4. Sprinkling baking soda over your couch cushions can remove some of that lingering pet smell. Leave it for up to 15 minutes and then simply vacuum up.
  5. Store your cat’s litter box in a cupboard so it keeps the smell at bay and the litter is contained. You don’t even need to keep the door open to let them in – just cut a hole at the back for them to gain easy access.
  6. Put pet food bowls on rubber backed mats, to stop them sliding around the house while your pets are eating.
  7. A good trick to make filling up your pet’s food bowls is to keep dry pellets in a water jug that you can seal. It makes it easy to pour but sealing it keeps it fresh and insect free.
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Dogs can't clean up after themselves, but you can make it easier for yourself when you do it.
Dogs can’t clean up after themselves, but you can make it easier for yourself when you do it.



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Do you have any tips to share that help with looking after your fur baby?