Surprising good news in the Dick Smith saga – hats off to this retailer for finding a solution

We may not get the chance to say this often, but here goes: well done Coles. Well done for helping

We may not get the chance to say this often, but here goes: well done Coles. Well done for helping out your customers who were affected by the collapse of Dick Smith.

The supermarket giant has announced this morning it will swap Dick Smith gift cards that were bought via its stores for Coles gift cards meaning, while you don’t get the cash back, at least you can spend the value on food and other essentials.

SBS reports that Coles will not offer a refund because it has already passed on the value of the cards to fallen electronic retailer, but will issue a replacement Coles card of the same value. Customers must be able to prove they bought the gift cards at Coles, with a receipt, for example.

This is a far cry better than the offer by online retailer Kogan, which offered customers $25 in exchange for Dick Smith gift cards after the Australian electronics company said it would not honour them.

The ACCC is speaking with receivers at Dick Smith to find out how the electronics retailer’s collapse will affect customers further, reports News limited.

It will be interesting to see if Woolworths follows suit – as they tend to do so!

Are you surprised to learn that Coles is offering this swap to help customers? Do you know anyone who could benefit from this? Be sure to let them know!


  1. I am so pleased to hear that, they must have known before Christmas that this was going to happen, there were essentialy stealing from people, taking their money when they knew they not going to honor these cards..3 cheers for Coles

    • Well, no……..the employees did NOT know……so they just did their job and sold the merchandise (and the Gift Cards).

    • I don’t mean the staff ALLY, the directors and board is who I am talking about, the company itself

    • The staff are never to blame Ally, they always lose to, their jobs and sometimes even their wages

    • The only trouble is, I wonder how many people would still have their receipt from Coles to prove they got it from them & not somewhere else.

  2. Dick Smith went into receivership,they are now able to honour some if those Xmas gifts,and you can still purchase on line specials,according to last nights news on ten.

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