Shoppers beg retailers to stock more plus size clothing

Not everyone’s a size 8, but it seems that is all Australians retailer seem to cater for these days, if

Not everyone’s a size 8, but it seems that is all Australians retailer seem to cater for these days, if you ask shoppers. Many angry customers have taken to the Facebook and social media accounts of several retailers to air their frustrations about a lack of option for plus size women.

On Kmart’s Facebook page, customers have asked the retailer to stock more clothes in larger sizes. Nikki wrote, “It’s a shame women’s Everlast wear doesn’t come in larger sizes as I love the clothes”, another commenter, Paige, wrote “Please Kmart bring back alexia range tights/leggings your usual range only go to size 18 and no where near last as long as the alexia range”.

These are just some of the comments on the Kmart Australia page, and various other retailers.

Helen Fraser, a size 22/24 woman was told by her doctor she that needed to lose weight so she headed off to her local Big W store in search for some exercise gear.

“I had never even thought about what was available in fitness gear until my GP and podiatrist warned me that my health was suffering from my weight and drastic action was needed,” she told Kidspot.

“I’m not a sporty person as an adult – despite being an active kid – so wasn’t aware of what was available prior to this.”

Helen left the store in the Woodgrove Shopping centre, in northwest Melbourne, in tears when she discovered there were three aisles for sizes up to size 18 but only a few pairs of pants, t-shirts and jackets in the Michelle Bridges MB active wear range – all only available in black.

“The reason I was given at the time was that they were only doing black for those sizes as that was the demographic for that area,” Helen said.

Other customers have been upset too. Caitlin Wills‎ told Kidspot, Big W “Up until February this year they were selling a fantastic range of plus-sized active wear.

“Now that they’ve stopped selling it, I actually consider it discrimination. Kmart and Best and Less are the only places I could afford to buy active wear from”.

The question these shoppers are asking is, shouldn’t we be encouraging bigger people to exercise if they want to?

Kmart response:
“At Kmart Australia we strive to continuously listen to our customers feedback with the introduction of our elevated basics range available in sizes 6-26 in addition to our Alexia range, covering sizes 18-26.”

BIG W response:
“BIG W offers a range of plus size activewear for women up to size 26. We encourage customers who are unable to purchase a product in store to visit our website where they can view our entire activewear range.

“Black remains the most popular colour among our customers for activewear.”

“BIG W is looking to launch new plus size activewear ranges in stores in the coming months”.

Tell us: do you think this is good enough? Should stores be stocking more sizes for bigger ladies? Have you seen a problem with sizes at your local stores?

  1. Liz Tant  

    you dont need gym clothes to exercise.just get off the couch.

    • Jeanette  

      Too true Liz Tant. I’m a size 12 and don’t have active wear / gym clothes. I just change my shoes and wear a lighter weight top and go for a walk!

    • Tricia Roberts-Hay  

      That’s a bit nasty Liz… Alot of us are carrying disabilities. & Drugs have the perchance to make us larger..
      In general YES!!!! I wish the targets of the world stocked a wider range of Big girl sizes.. NOT only in active wear but smart casual too…

      • Janie  

        Check Targe’s ‘Belle Curve’ range of womens’ wear.
        Very lovely, & up to 26.

    • Hello – that is reason for the article – and yes you do need exercise clothes to be comfortable while exercising…seems a bit of a rude comment..

  2. Anita  

    A lot of clothing in the bigger sizes has no style and lacks colour.
    I just wish sizing was consistent.
    Depending on what brand I buy I can go from a size 14 to a 20
    I would like something that has good styling and a good fit at a reasonable price

  3. Judith  

    On the reverse side, I am 70 and a size 12; I get emails from Millers showing all sorts of attractive clothing for our age group, but I don’t like to buy on line as you never know how they will fit. So I go into my nearest store and find that the majority of clothing is only available in the very large sizes. Not all older ladies need the larger sizes. Would be good if they produced a full range.

  4. This doesn’t just apply to women. Try to find ANY decent clothing if you’re a male size 6x or 7x. Poorly made garments, drab, dull colours, sleeves too long or too short, length always too short (mostly can’t tuck a shirt into pants), shorts that look like they’d fit an elephant, etc, etc. I now research online for quality name brands, then find a retail store near to me where I can order my selections. Costs me more than I can really afford, but at least I get garments that fit, in shades that I like. By ordering from a retailer instead of online I get the opportunity to try the garments on, check them for quality and, if not satisfied, I don’t proceed with the purchase. It’s important to tee this up with the selected retailers first whether they’re prepared to proceed on that basis. So far I’ve purchased several pairs of good trouser, a couple of excellent short-sleeved shirts and provided a local retailer with some additional turnover. Win-win all round.

  5. Jan  

    the only solution I have had to come up with is to make my own clothes. Loosing weight is not an option as my bone structure will always be the same. Of course it means I can use bright colours not dreary old black.

  6. Most clothing retailers cater for young women, certainly under thirty. What am I supposed to wear, garbage bags??? I’m coming up 64 and I want to look stylish without looking like mutton dressed up as lamb.

  7. Nancy Brenton  

    I’m a size 18-20 and in my seventies. If seem to find quite a lot of nice clothes but some of the manufacturers make the body bigger but the armholes much too small.

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