Revealed: the stores senior women love to shop in and why

Who doesn’t love a good shopping trip? It seems not many of us! New Roy Morgan research has revealed the

Who doesn’t love a good shopping trip? It seems not many of us! New Roy Morgan research has revealed the shopping addiction doesn’t die with age, and in fact we still want one thing: to be stylish.

Among these 65-plus women, there have been some shifts over the past few years that have signalled a change in our attitude to ‘advanced style’.

In 2011, 60.0% agreed that they ‘try to look stylish’, but this has since grown to 65.3% in 2016, according to the Roy Morgan results.

Interesting, while many older women want to look stylish, only 24.8 per cent say ‘It’s important to look fashionable’. Well, as 94-year-old style icon Iris Apfel says, ‘Fashion you can buy, but style you possess’.

But most importantly, advanced style is about enjoying life and being open to its experiences. Many women over 65 say they ‘live a full and busy life’ (67.7%, up from 65.5% in 2011) and ‘look for new experiences every day’ (21.8%, up from 17.9%). A huge 67.7% agree they’re ‘optimistic about the future’.

And we haven’t stopped shopping: between January 2011 and December 2015, the proportion of Aussie women aged 65+ buying clothes in an average four weeks rose from 54.5% to 57.9%. Why has this increase? Because they’ve got more money to spend 15.2% are ‘Big spenders’ (up from 11.2% in 2011) and 26.7% as ‘Medium spenders’ (up from 24.5%).

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“The world [is learning] that old age is no barrier to fabulousness. Spearheaded by the inimitable 94-year-old Iris Apfel, advanced style is all about defying society’s expectations of ‘age-appropriate’ dressing and behaving, and having fun with one’s personal style.

“As the data discussed here indicates, a growing proportion of Aussie women aged 65 or older hold one or more attitudes consistent with an ‘advanced style’ mentality, and possess the spending capacity to act on it. What’s more, the number of women with the exact combination of qualities constituting truly Advanced Style is on the rise.

“Only Roy Morgan Single Source contains data about which stores they’re most and least likely to identify with: for example, women who possess all of the advanced style qualities examined here are more than twice as likely as the average Australian woman to feel that David Jones is a store for ‘people like me’. They are also dramatically more likely than average to feel the same way about Myer and Target, but decidedly less likely to identify with certain other retailers…”

Tell us: do you still love shopping? Where do you shop?

  1. I enjoy shopping at my local Noni B and W Lane stores, the staff are mature and greet me by name. They know my style and are pleased to see me and happy to help.

    • facebook_nancy.brenton.75  

      I enjoy shopping and I’m 74. I mostly shop at Millers or K-mart and receive many compliments on my outfits from others who obviously shop in more expensive stores. I think a happy face and a good attitude go a long way too.

  2. Margaret  

    Myer and David Jones are way too expensive. I always start my search at Millers.

  3. Catherine  

    I’m pretty much set in what I like. For me, J. Crew is my clothing store of choice–but I only shop when the store has a percentage off. Otherwise I think it’s too pricey for full price. I also like to mix high and low end. So I often times shop at discount stores.

  4. Pam Whellum  

    I don’t bother to go into Myer anymore – I am not in their demographic and so I am not going to give them my money. I have noticed that business people treat you nicer if you look stylish and so I try to dress for my shape and age and wear colours that suit me. I have revived my sewing skills to get what I want.

  5. Millers is a fave, especially when they have 40% off for members; also Katies (when they have “click & collect” online specials), Target (pronounced Tar-jay), and most of all, Vin de Paul Boutique (Vinnies), where I have found an Autograph leather jacket for $20, and some nice blouses for $5 up to $8. I rarely shop at DJs or Myers, as their stuff is too expensive for a pensioner like me. I also wear colours that suit me – I bought a book years ago called “Colour Me Beautiful”, and stick pretty much to the Spring colour palette.

    • Eileen  

      I love the “colour me beautiful” theory. I have used its modified principles for over 30 years. I know I am a Spring and now I simply look at colour even before style. Because if the colour doesn’t suit you the style can’t. Nowadays I just ask, “is it warm? Is it bright” and if the answer is yes I know the colour is right for me. Wear the right tones and even the cheapest clothes will look good, but more importantly, will make you feel good and improve confidence.

  6. As a “larger lady”, my fashion choices are restricted, so I go to Autograph (sale time only), Millers (always good value) , Rivers for good casual gear, and BeMe/Rockmans (great boho choices for an ex-hippie!). DJs and Myers, Noni B, even Target, way too expensive.

    I would have one of the most extensive wardrobes ever, always colour-coordinated, and get lots of compliments. Who needs designer wear?

  7. Trish  

    I am questioning the statement in the article that we have more money to spend. I shop at any of the shops mentioned above plus Rockmans (if appropriate) and Black Pepper. However I have not bought an article of clothing for months and even then maybe 1 or 2 things in 6-12 months! None of the ladies who have commented indicated they had unlimited funds to spend. If we were spending so much money why are they always having sales?

  8. Saresa Andrews  

    A former manager of a Noni B Store who now works at Vinnies told me their mark-up was 700%. They are so dishonest. For the last week at Pacific Square, Maroubra Junction they have had signs saying one day sale 50% off. For the quality their clothes are way too expensive for older women on modest incomes. Blue Illusion is my favourite for quality but they are expensive as well. This week I bought a classic sweater coat at Myers at a 40% discount. 100% Australian Merino Wool…it will last a long time and not be out of fashion.

    • I too love Blue Illusion and find their sales are great. Rarely pay full price for their clothing and still wear tops and pants purchased 5 to 6 years ago.

    • Carolyn Scotland  

      If Noni B mark up is that much just wonder what all the others are marking up. Especially when noticed that much comes from China.

  9. Jenny  

    W Lane,.Black Pepper,.Noni B, Millers and Susan Grae occasionally. Depends what takes my eye.

    • Helen Williams  

      Specials on line. Lots of choice, only use sites for free postage.

  10. Autograph is my favourite. I live in the bush, but they have a store 80ks away. I know my sizes with them so check their page for sales. I love bright colourful clothing and they certainly fit the bill there. I was looking for shoes for a wedding, just about to give up when I noticed the perfect pair in Autograph. I used to shop at Target but their large size clothes are so dowdy now. I was looking for a raincoat, almost impossible to fine, and when I saw the trench coats in Target all I could think was Inspector Gadget! The perils of being a mum/grandma I guess.

  11. Margaret  

    I, like many other mature women, believe in looking good, & dressing appropriately for size, skin & hair colourings, height(5’9″!)

    Example….was attending a Function & wore… blue court shoes, n/b knee-hi’s, lovely easy flowing n/b long pants, yellow & blue blouse, with necklaces to match, n/b jacket, teamed with O bag in neutral jacquard, & yellow leather handles.
    I felt a million $, & received several compliments!

    I love short culottes outfits in Summer, & Slacks Suits in Winter. Co-ordinate shoes, & handbags to match, as well as accessories’.

    My late Mother told me to always dress well when you go out, as you never know who you might meet!
    Well, ain’t that a truism!
    Was at a Concert, & State Governor had to walk past me to get to her seat, in same row! Surprise!

  12. Mary Allison  

    I have always tried to buy reasonable quality classic style clothes. When I was working this would often be a suit consisting of skirt, slacks and jacket once or maybe twice a year. I still get wear out of some these even 15 years later. Now I just supplement the wardrobe with the occasional top or slacks. My new favourite is Fella Hamilton. Clothes are mostly Australian made and of good quality. They are not catering to the teenage market. I still like quality.

    • Leonie BYnder  

      I generally shop at Millers or Crossroads. I quite often snag a bargain at Savers, Salvos or St Vinnies. I like to dress for my age demographic and body shape. I am in my 60’s . I live in a country town so wait till make a trip to Adelaide.

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