Revealed: The favourite product brands we can’t live without

You might remember the huge uproar last week’s Tim Tam shortage created – it just goes to show how much

You might remember the huge uproar last week’s Tim Tam shortage created – it just goes to show how much Australians really love their iconic brands. But how do we really?

According to the Home Awards, there are 47 winning products that we cannot live without.

Both indispensable and irreplaceable, all the items on the list were voted for by Aussies who know what they want and won’t compromise.

There are some things we are willing to budge on, which is clearly shown in Aldi’s success in the private label sector, however we have some particular items we love and always will.

Take a look at the list below of the main products we love:


  • Dishwashing liquid: Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid Original Fresh
  • Multipurpose cleaner: Ajax Spray n Wipe Apple and Citrus
  • Vacuum: Dyson V6
  • Cleaning Cloth: Chux Robuste


  • Liquid detergent: Cold Power Regular Liquid
  • Powder detergent: Vanish Napisan Plus Powder


  • Baking product: McKenzies Baking Powder
  • Pantry staple: Ardmona chopped Australian Vine Ripened Tomatoes
  • Sweet treat: M&Ms Peanut
  • Breakfast cereal/product: Uncle Tobys Oats Quick
  • Quick meals/meal bases: McCormick slow-cooker recipe bases
  • Best dairy products: Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Spices and Seasonings: Masterfoods All Purpose Seasoning
  • Sauces and Gravies: Gravox Traditional Gravy (Canister)
  • Chutneys and Jams: Beerenberg Blackberry Jam
  • Deli goods: Hans Country Fresh Oven Baked Leg Ham
  • Best instant coffee: Moccona Cafe Moments Cappuccino
  • Best roasted coffee: Lavazza Qualita Oro
  • Hot beverages: Milo
  • Cold beverages: Schweppes Lemonade
  • Best baked goods: Tip Top Cafe Raisin Toast
  • Best frozen food: I&J Crispy Battered Fish with Lemon

What do you think? Did your favourite products win?

  1. quite a few on that list I buy, and I’m happy to add Redhead Matches, Dilmah tea leaves, and Cascade blackcurrant syrup.. oh and Nugget shoe polish.

  2. There is only one thing there I regularly use and that’s Cold Power . Beerenberg is often a factory shop I visit when in Handorf but for me it is their Blood Orange Marmalade, they have some great products that I don’t see on supermarket shelves, but Foodland stocks more than the major supermarket chains.

  3. Except for a tin of Milo in the pantry over winter, none of those make my shopping list.

  4. I’ve never been brand conscious, which is why Aldi appeals to me and , honestly, I have none of the mentioned brands in my cupboard.

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